Life! Paper heart garland, our painting and I have grey hair. A lot of it.

We like the crafts in our house.

Lila wanted to make a "Valentime's decoration" so I googled, "paper heart garland and found this cute tutorial. Construction paper? Check. Scissors, hole-puncher and a stapler? Check, check, check.

The girls cut the strips of paper and decorated some of them, then we folded them in half and made hearts with them and punched holes in them.

Lila LOVED this whole thing. She loved feeding the hearts through the yarn. (Note: just wind tape on the end of the yarn so that the yarn-end doesn't fray and thereby frustrate your little helper...)

I literally could not stop her.

 Mucho fun.

Vivienne wasn't much into it. She's less into crafts and more into constantly taking care of her babies and animals.

So I loved the way the garland turned out. Too cute. And Lila loves it.

And of course we couldn't stop with just one chain, Lila had to make another one and tape it up in the courtyard.

(I'm enjoying her outfit, too.)

And Vivi's.


And then there's this picture. I can't stop looking at it.


This takes my breath away.


So then this past weekend we needed to do another craft.

So, we painted. Vivi got the left-hand side, I got the bottom, Lila got the right.

I adore these times when we just chat... when they giggle... when I can soak them in.

The finished product in super-terrible lighting.


More randomness.

So Craig and I went out for a middle-of-the-day lunch date because the girls were with their cousins.

It was so nice.

We live where it's so ridiculously gorgeous.

Vivi loses it like this all.of.the.time.

I need this perfume.

I'm a sucker for the scent samples in magazines and this is the first one in years that I have loved. (CRAIG: HINT.)

Lila drew the top picture. It's a likeness of her father on his stand-up-paddle board.

I think it look questionably explicit/lewd.

The bottom picture is by Vivienne. I believe she said it was a skeleton.

Vivienne is currently going by "Buzz Lightyear."

At night we were saying prayers and I prayed for Vivi and she made sure to correct me.  "I'm not WiVee. I'm Buzz Lightyear."

"Buzz Lightyear to the rescue!" [Then she flies around with her wings/arms out.]

So that's my grey hair.



(Hair fixed in photo below.)

So at the girls' school each year they have Mommy/Kiddo gym day. Here we are. It was adorable. Lila's is Thursday.

Vivienne was pumped.

And see that shirt? She was the dirtiest/messiest kid in the class.

Speaking of Vivienne, she and Lila are now in separate ballet classes. Lila got moved up with the "big girls" and Vivi's new, so she's still with the little girls.

I took these on my iPhone during Lila's class. Ah. Vivi.

So we are now spending 4 hours a week at the gym. (I know.) 

But it's kind of nice because I get quality one-on-one time with my ladies.. Today, Lila chose to do some reading...

And then she was pumped to do her Valentine's.

After she was finished, she whipped out her Bible and started reading it.

I cannot begin to tell you about how sweet this Cinderella-glass-slipper-wearing child is.

She's just so kind.

Vivi enjoyed the "Valentime" making, too.

That's "Happy" her koala sitting next to her.

She was talking to him and giving him Valentines.

And that's all for now.

I'll leave you with this.

Have a good day, friends.


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