Heart. Smiling.

2/25/2014 04:16:00 PM
For the past couple of days I've just been smiling.

Because in spite of difficult things, life is so full of incredibly precious moments.

There's this video.

(If you can't see the video, click here.)

And there's my big baby girl who got out of her bed last night to sleep with her little sister in her little sister's new big girl bed.

Vivi was "scared and lonely." So, in Lila went to her room and her bed.

"Lila, can I hold your hand"

Lila hands her her hand.

Then Lila sings to her and rubs her hand...

Vivienne falls asleep.

Precious moments.


Today I received word that a friend of mine lost his brother in a car accident.
This friend offered me his sincerest condolences when my Mom died the same way just five months ago.

I would have never anticipated, nor would he, that I'd be reciprocating condolences today.


Life. It's fast.
It's confusing.
It's precious.




  1. I'm dying to see a video of you telling your kids about Disney, (and hoping that's what you posted here), but I can't see the video and don't know why! Help meeee haha

  2. Oh my goodness, that video made me cry. How sweet!

  3. That video made me cry. Man, to give so much of your life to others is such a rare thing. Inspiring.

    And sweet Lila...sweet, sweet Lila.

    I am sorry to hear about your friends brother.


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