Why WOULDN'T you buy this?

So it's a slightly crazy/busy week.



Her birthday party at school is on Friday. Think 27, 2 and 3-year-old's sitting around eating chicken nuggets, grapes, juice boxes and cupcakes. BOOM. That's what we're doing.

Then later that day we're having a small family get together for her and her cousin, Brody. Think: more food, more cake, more ice cream, MORE FUN!

The theme for both fiestas: MINIONS. (Let's make it easy.)

That said, working-full time and preparing for parties is somewhat daunting, no? WHO HAS TIME FOR THIS MESS?

And thanks, Pinterest, for making me feel like a slacker. (Note, I only pin stuff I can print off. Boundaries.) I'll get right on that toilet paper roll mini minion craft...

THANK GOD Craig's Mama arrives today - I know she'll bake cupcakes, cook things, etc.

THAT said, I went to the store this morning to pick up some more Minion stuff and saw this discarded item in the self-scanner.

Looks like this smiley banana was too high of a price for the potential purchaser.

...now I wish I would have scanned it to see how much it was.

That's all.



  1. I cannot believe her birthday is this week and she will be THREE!!

    I LOVE the minion themed birthday stuff! Fun. Can't wait to see how everything turns out and can't wait to hear what Vivi thought of her school party!

    And i totally agree about the party planning....really, no time for that! We said this year we are going out to dinner for Henry's birthday and have cake/cupcakes at home for family only. NO PARTY. We said that last year too...but we mean it this year!! Most likely ;-)

    And who would want to put banana man back?! I mean, really.

  2. THREE?! WOW. The fact that you do parties and celebrations totally makes ME feel like a slacker. I'm lucky to get a cake.

    That banana made me smile. :)

  3. That was fast. Three!!! I would like to invite myself and transport myself. Are you getting her a fart gun? I LOVE the mininos!!!!


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