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It's been a super-packed week, which I don't mind. I'm on my second go-round with T25 every morning at 6 am.  I quit when I was about six weeks in because of Shirl. So I'm back in now, this is my 5th week. I'm excited to surpass what I previously did and I strangely like my quiet mornings doing something for me and watching the sun rise. And I may or may not have a crush on Shaun T* who I may or may not follow on facebook.

(*Cute story about Shaun T: Lila and I were recently talking about the Disney princesses and how they live at Disneyland and she asked me one morning if Shawn T. lived in Disneyland, too. Which made me smile. I mean, if he's on our TV then he lives in Disneyland. This is obvious.)


Moving on.

I apologize for my scant blog posts, but well, you know - sometimes you just need to live your life so that you have something to blog about. Craig's Mom has been here since last week and it's just been so nice having a Mom around.

Monday night we went out to eat and Vivienne, as usually, refused most of her food.

Lila, of course, did not.

She ate everything and was interested in the potential for a dessert. Well, we were eating at a brewery ("You've got a baby! In a bar!" They're not babies, but still... it's a bar for all intents and purposes. Don't judge us.) and so we weren't confident in their dessert offerings.

Lila wanted us to ask the waitress about ice cream.

We felt it was her responsibility to ask.

We said that we would not ask the waitress, but if Lila wanted to ask her, she certainly could.

So we were encouraging our little introvert to get up (the restaurant wasn't too full at all) and ask the waitress who was standing 20 feet away about the dessert menu.

She wouldn't do it.

She stewed.

She thought about it some more.

She wouldn't do it.

I'd say 20-30 minutes went by.

Finally, the waitress comes up to check on the table and Lila asks, "Tienes helado?" (Do you have ice cream?)

And the friendly waitress replied, "Si! Tenemos chocolate y vanilla." (Yes! We have chocolate and vanilla.)

Then Lila immediately took control, "Me puedes chocolate para mi hermanita y vainilla para mi, por favor." (May I please have chocolate for my sister and vanilla for me?)


She ordered for Vivi.
She ordered chocolate for her sister before she ordered for herself.

Please note Vivi hadn't even said that she wanted ice cream.


And so that's cute. And I was proud of Lila because she thought of her sister's wants and not just her own and because she knew enough to get her sister chocolate because Vivi Kate LOVES chocolate.

Empathy is happening up in hay-yah.

Mommy be proud.

And then Vivi went crazy, further solidifying the FACT that sugar intake does affect children and it does result in hyperactivity and super-cute dancing with adorable laughter.




  1. i loved this post. i miss those little ladies.

    when i saw the videos on The Instagram, i thought she was either tired or sugared-up! these dancing videos were amazing. :)

    love and miss you, Miss

  2. My husband manages a bar. My kids have been eating in it for years. I don't judge! :-)


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