Ladies Lunes: So many pictures. (Christmas programs, ballet, the holidays.)

1/06/2014 05:08:00 AM
I haven't done a "Ladies Lunes" (Lunes = Monday in Español) since November, so... enter this really long post.

Ignore it if you'd like. The photos are for me. They're my archive.

Let's dig in, shall we?

These are my whackadoo children. Vivi, the one wearing pajamas during the day, riles up the one who is currently lying on the floor laughing. This routine happens all day, everyday.

Here they are pretending to read their children's Bible... moments later Vivienne pushed Lila's face away from her (with force, with her hand) and told her she couldn't read it, too.

Because you should never share a Bible.

They're not hugging.

They're wrestling.

Lila walked away and left Vivi with the Bible.

Vivienne proceeded to lose it because she couldn't fit the Bible in the sleeve-thing it belongs in.

She gave up and just started reading it instead.

Lila re-joined her and it all started... again.


I adore this child.

And my Mom bought that hat for Baby Lila...

It's funny, my Mom's thumbprints are all over my life. I love it.


So Lila and Vivienne had their school Christmas program at an outside park near our house. Duh. All parks are outside. (I'm shaking my head at myself.)

I literally cannot EVER get Vivienne to be serious and not goofy.

Case in point.

Lila was dressed like a Mexican shepherd and was so sweet.

Vivienne just had a felt choir collar on (lovingly made/hot-glued by her Daddy.)

[I'm in the process of uploading the videos to youtube but am having some password issues (AHHHHHH). When I upload, I'll share.]

Like I said...

Here's Lila with one of her classmates. Um, stop it.

I know.

Just cute.

I can't believe she's 4.5.

I'm realizing that she's a real person now. Thoughts, opinions... all of it.

She's so cool.

I'm nervous. The memories have started. This is when I can really damage her.

On Sunday she was heading into rest time (we do this for at least an hour a day on weekends) and she said, "If you just give me the iPad to play with I won't make a mess in my room.")

Smart chicken.

And she's a kind chicken, too.

Always thoughtful. Always looking for ways to help. She really is such a sweet soul.

This is Lila with one of her favorite friends.

And, well. That's Vivienne.

She's always a dishevled mess but I love that about her.

She regularly declares that she's, "bravely" and she still eats nothing more than bananas and yogurt with the occasional "peanut butter quesadilla." (That would be a tortilla with peanut butter int he middle; rolled up.)

Me = gourmet.

Lila with her clase.

Just your average American Christmas pageant, no?

Here's Vivi with her class.

That look.

Her choir collar falling off.

SO Vivi.

That's Vivi with her friends on stage. All the kids were crying, for the most part. Except for Vivi and her buddy on the right. (She talks about him incessantly.)

Another stellar face by the Vivster.

Another pic of Lila with her classmates in line waiting to perform.

If you're wondering, yes, she's the only American in her class. Even cooler, she's completely fluent in Español.

Doing her thang on stage.

Waiting to depart the stage lookin' all cute.


And then we had a ballet recital for Lila and Vivi. You'll notice that Vivi is not in the pictures... that's because she refused to go to ballet for the two weeks leading up to the program and therefore wasn't in the program.


Lila did great.

That smile.

That bun.

That belly.

"Enough Mommy."


And then we had a Christmas party to go to at a friend's house. We love this party and as we walked in Santa was there taking pics with kiddos.

Again, Vivi refused.

Lila did not.

Color-coordinated sistas.

Taking part in one of the games.

There was also a craft-tent that Lila hangs out in for the entire party every year.


Next, it's Christmas time.

Lila wearing elf ears... another gift from my Mama when she was just a babe. Another fingerprint.

Goofy Lila.

"Wear your Pajamas to school" day. :)

I know these ones are blurry, but I adore the dancing that Lila was doing.


Sisters chilling.

It warms my heart that they always choose the blankets that I made for them before they were born. It pleases me so much.

I worked on Lila's blanket for years before we finally had her. :)

She's 14.


Next, bring on the cookie-making.

The girls were so good with the cut-out cookies this year. You just have to know that the flour will be everywhere and be cool with the fact that their cooties will be on every.single.cookie.

Lila was a little heavy handed on the sprinkles.

Vivi ate all the frosting.

Kindly notice her eye.

I love this action shot of Vivi.

I had to give her a new knife like 12 times.


Each cookie was a blank canvas for Lila Ross.

Not sure what's happening with the lighting here, but check.out.that.cookie. :)

Lila's technique...  (The purple was mine.)

Vivi's were a bit more minimalistic. They're the bottom two.

Yeah. Exactly why Vivi was banned from decorating too many.

You can't LICK every cookie, sicko.

Fun stuff.

Lila's final cookie.

"Lila, make it count."

AND... there you have it.

She did.

(That's her Daddy in her.)


And this is Christmas Eve evening. We were preparing to go to my sister's house. LOOK! They're both looking at the camera and Vivi looks normal!

Opening up their Christmas Eve gifts. (Always pajamas and a book, thanks to my sister for that tradition.)


Vivi and her Daddy.
And that's Buttercup, Ferg's sister.

Lila and her cousin Clo. :) My sweet niece.

Us! All looking! Craig looks like a cute little present. :) (I'll leave the "un-wrapping" jokes to him and I. Tee hee. What? It's been 17 years and I adore that man.)

I think my hair is too dark...

Opening gifts from Aunt T!

And then we were home and Santa came.

Late on Christmas Eve... it's my favorite.

The glow of the Christmas tree makes my heart feel full.

Even this year when my heart broke.

She was with me.


Santa came.

Apparently the reindeer weren't very hungry...

And the stocking opening commenced.

Vivi was pumped about her cars.

Lila and her baby.

This face.

Christmas morning playing.

We have so outgrown our house but we refuse to move. Cozy is good, right?

Happy lady.

And this happened.

Vivi's actually becoming a very adept driver. She's only allowed to drive in "1", Lila is allowed to drive in "2."

Her eyelashes.

Her smile.

I don't even know what all of this is.




Look at these faces and outfits.

Lila mixing patterns again. Vivi wearing all one color again.

These are not my children.

Or, maybe they are...


And I had to take a picture because they watched Mary Poppins for the first time on New Year's Eve.

They were in awe.

Vivi keeps singing, "A spoonfull of sugar helps the medicine go down..."


And then there's this.

All those presents?

They need to pay for them some how.

Have a great week, friends.



  1. I am still laughing at the cookie decorating! Priceless! The many faces of your girls are awesome! What you said is so true, your mom was there, in so many ways!

  2. With every blog post I read, a little more of me decides that we need to just up and visit you guys in Cabo. Delaney would LOVE Lila and Vivi and Elliott might be the cutest thing together anyone has ever seen. I love your sweet kiddos!

  3. What beautiful memories your girls are going to have.....they will be able to say...."Hey let's read Mom's blog"...What a treasure you have created for them!!!

  4. I love, nope more like ADORE, this post. Magical magical magical.
    Your holiday looks beautiful and I love all the finger prints. xo

  5. Love reading about your family the girls are perfect. Hope life will bring us together again one day. Would love to meet my sweet little cousins. Love you guys... From Your niece Ashley in KY.


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