2014 Screen Actor's Guild Awards Fashion Recap

Ah. I love the SAG awards. Actors voting for actors. Actors wearing less formal and conservative attire. LOVE it.

Let's dig in.

I adored what Cate Blanchette wore last week to the Golden Globes, this... not to much. It's Givenchy and I'd give it away. (Ha, ha, ha, ha.) It's a halter. (Blech) And that loose fabric at the top. (Blech again.) It's just not my favorite. I mean, it's not hideous, though... it's just not my favorite.

Also then there's Claire Danes.

First off, you guys... she's gorgeous.

Secondly, this Vionnet gown reminds me a lot of a certain kind of little purse found in all the little gifts shops down here where I live.

Thirdly, eh.

So Jennifer Lawrence was sparkly, too.

It was a vast improvement from last week's gown. It's Dior. But still, it's meh. I mean, whatever.

Malin Akerman is gorgeous.  For some reason this Naeem Khan gown isn't killing me. I think it's kind of lovely. Would I wear it? ABSOLUTELY NOT. Does she look lovely? Absolutely.

I think I just enjoy it because it's different. Yay for different.

Ok, and then there's this.

Let's talk about this.

Kerry Washington.


Prada crop top.

Talk amongst yourselves.

You know, okay. You want to show your belly when you're pregnant. I think, that's fine. I love me a pregnant woman's belly.

But look closely at that skirt. There's a line above the skirt clearly indicating where the skirt was cutting into her skin.

I just don't get it.

I like the top. I like the skirt. But if I were pregnant... yeah, I can confirm I wouldn't have worn this.

And then there's the young actors who apparently grew up in 10 seconds.

The "little sister" on Modern Family, Ariel Winter, looks far um... "older" than I do.

That's a lot of boob for a little girl who was named after The Little Mermaid.

And then there's Little Miss Sunshine, Abigail Breslin. Apparently she thought these were the Country Music Awards.


Bad hair. Outfit. Everything. Sigh.

Someone help her.

Speaking of loud, audible sighs...

And here's Mariah Carey wearing the same dress she wore in the, "Vision of Love" video back in '90.

That Nick Cannon.


Hair swoop.
Leather wrist warmers.
Off-the-shoulder tube dress.
Black, sheer, PANTY HOSE.


(Note, that's a statement. Not a question.)

So then there's Michelle Dockery from my FAVORITE SHOW, Downton Abbey.  I had a few thoughts about this this:

1: I didn't hate this.

2: I'm thrilled that Ariel Winter didn't wear this.

I like it. It's fine.

Meryl Streep is American Acting Royalty. But MAN, she always dresses like your crazy aunt.

What's going on here?

(May it be duly noted that I love the glasses.)

So then there's that girl from 30 Rock, Katrina Bowden. Of course she looks good. I mean, she's gorgeous. But it's a bit too mature, no? I think this was what Meryl Streep should have worn.

Also in black is Julia Louis-Dreyfuss.

I love color blocking so ridiculously much. I like this gown. She looks gorgeous.

And Jennifer Garner's gown is SO BORI

(I fell asleep typing that.)

Dame Helen Mirren is like the senior citizen Halle Berry.

YES, you're beautiful all of the time. It gets old.

She's lovely. And she's two years shy of 70.

And here's Anna Chlumsky wearing a ridiculously ill-fitting and wrinkly gown.


I think this little Emilia Clarke in Calvin Klein was adorable and lovely and quite perfect.

However, my husband, when he looked at her said, "What kind of color is that?"

Excellent point.

(Did you see she and Jared Leto flirting on the E! Red Carpet special? Um. Cute.)

AH! I love this entire look! Yay, Jane Krakowski! I love the angles and edges and hair and styling and EVERYTHING. GREAT color, too!

She looks fantastic.

Best arms of the night: Holly Hunter.

Now that's a halter done right.

 So, I think Julia Roberts looks stunning in pink.

And I sort of love that she wore a jumpsuit.

Natural hair. Natural lip.

This woman is gorgeous in a non-polished way. She's real.
I like her.

So here's Juliette Lewis wearing a dress that appears to be a bit too large for her.

I adore prints.

But this is something.

Something no one should wear.

Kaley Cuoco's Vera Wang gown looks lovely. She's clearly in a very bridal phase right now; which is fine since she just got married. But oy - that smokey eye is a bit too smokey.

She looks terrifying.

And her dress is... grey.

Like an elephant.



I love this Zac Posen on Kelly Osbourne.

STUNNING and perfect.

I have no idea who this is, but I love this.

(It's Natalie Dormer.)

Sandra Bullock is wearing Lanvin.

I hate it.

I hate the fabric.
I hate the draping.
I hate the bow.
I hate it all.


Gretchen Mol could be Kate Hudson's twin.

So here's Elisabeth Moss wearing Michael Kors.


I don't like any of this.

And here's Sofia Vergara wearing a little something she'd wear to the grocery store.

I would imagine Sofia says, "More is more" far more often than, "Less is more."

So then there are the worst dressed.

They're pretty obvious.

This Donna Karan dress on Camila Alves is horrendous

This is a sloppy mess.

The dress is horrendous and the styling is even worse.

I want to hug her.

So here's Isla Fisher. When I first saw this I thought, "I love this." Then, the more I looked at this look... the more I hated it.

This is a nightgown.

I just cannot abide this.

I don't like it at all.

Well this is a given.

Of course Patricia Arquette looks like a big orange frump muffin.

And the absolute worst dressed of the evening:

Edie Falco.

Those are butterflies. On a grown, mature woman.

That is the least-flattering sleeve cut ever.

That is the least-flattering hemline ever.


Someone, anyone, get.her.a.stylist.

And now, on to the Best Dressed of the evening.

So there's Jordan Catalono Jared Leto and his Mom.

Um, this picture makes me happy.

Next, we have Julie Bowen in Carolina Herrera.

I love it.

It's different and it's orange! I adore it.

The Oprah looks gorgeous. Just lovely.

I love her hair.

And seriously, how big is that broach-thing?

Sarah Hyland looks age appropriate and great.

I kind of love this.

Amy Adams looked stunning.

That color on her skin is kind of perfection.

Holy wow.

I struggled with my best dressed.

I love this Marchesa gown on Elisabeth Rohm.

She's flawless; the delicate lace. Her hair. It's gorgeous.

Everything is fantastic.

But, the winner again is Lupita Nyong'o.

She's wearing the color of heaven.

Her styling is perfection.

The neck-piece? Incredible.

You just can't deny this.



What did you think?



  1. MOSTLY agree with you. :-)
    Ariel Winter is going to give Sofia a run for the money in the boobie department!!
    Loved Julie Bowen's dress too!
    I DID like Elizabeth Moss's entire look. I thought it was stunning, and lastly
    Isla Fisher's dress is very close to my weddding dress!! But mine had more structure and less cleavage but it was satin like that. You have to like that fabric I guess? I think she is stunning here.

    OK that's it! LOVE your recaps and I agree with you. Lupita is winner again. She is amazing.

  2. 1. i wish i could un-see the photo of ariel winter. but i can't. so, thanks for that.
    2. i'm afraid that dear mariah is becoming the next michael jackson -- i swear she just gets weirder and weirder as the years go by. i saw her do an interview a few weeks ago in her "pjs"... and let me tell you, her "pjs" are nothing like mine. and may not have been appropriate for morning tv.
    3. i agree that camila alves needs a hug. and maybe a bili blanket.
    favorite line of the whole post? "she's wearing the color of heaven." awesome. and i couldn't agree more. :)

  3. I agree that Lupita killed it on the red carpet, she was my top pick last week at GG but I have to say my all time favorite was Cate Blanchette, I loved how the top was loose/halter

  4. I cannot stand Mariah Carey so I got a good chuckle out of your picture/observation. She is a mess. And Ariel Winter? Sooo not what I pictured for the voice of Sophia...

  5. Ok, first can I say I am sad and a bit uncomfortable with Ariel Winter's, uh, dress. NO. No, you are a sweet and beautiful girl!!! There is no need for that. Don't do that. I can't believe her parents let her leave the house like that. sigh.

    I totally agree about your top picks. I thought Amy Adams and Lupita Nyong'o were STUNNING. Both found colors that looked absolutely amazing on them. There styling was simple and perfect. And the dresses were gorgeous. LOVED.

    I actually thought the dresses were far better here then at the Golden Globes, even the bad ones seemed "better" then the horrible ones at the GG.

    I will say I was not a fan of Kerry Washington's dress. Just seems to be hiding her pregnant belly instead of embracing it.

    Kelly Osborne was also one of my favs!


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