You know you married the right guy when...

• ...he never asks, "What's for dinner?" Instead he says, "It's ok. I can just eat something in the fridge." Because I never cook. And because I'm probably not going to start tomorrow.

• ...I've been ignoring my children screaming my name because I've had enough of it and he handles bath time without saying a word.

• ...he never refers to taking care of our children as, "babysitting."

• ...the wine miraculously opens itself and shows up in the glass and is handed to me.

•'ve got the sads and you cry and cry and he just sits there and says nothing. Because there are no words...

• ...each and every Christmas gift is specifically something that he knew I'd like. From the cute little clutch to the jar of wrapped nacho cheese.

• ...when your everyday life is filled with far more laughs than complaints.

And, you know you married the right guy when you can't wait to see him after a long day.
When you can't wait to hear him laugh.
When you can't sleep without him next to you.

And, you know you married the right guy when...

...he comes home from work and says, "You have a massage tomorrow morning at Cabo Surf."


I married the right one.



  1. sure did!! love that guy (and you two together)!
    Love, Miss

  2. LOVE THIS!!

    He is a very good man and YOU are a very good woman :-)

  3. Wrapped can of nacho cheese. It's love. I love it.


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