Santa Form Letter: How to write a letter to Santa

Each year, children across the land, lie.

They write to Santa and claim they were good for the entire year [impossible] in the hopes that Santa just fell off the turnip/cookie truck and is feeling particularly gullible on the day that their name comes up on the "Naughty or Nice" list.

Our children write the lies.
They believe the lies.
They whisper the lies in Santa's ear at the mall.

I understand. I don't judge. I have experience as a child.

The forceful impact a new, wrapped toy has on a usually honest, forthright and for-the-most-part well-behaved child cannot be denied.

And, who can blame the child?

The child reviews the past year with her/his mini rose-colored glasses on and decides, "More or less, I was good. I was deserving. I'll take some gifts... Kindly hook me up, Santa."


"I don't think I earned this gift, Mom and Dad," said no child. Ever. On Christmas morning.


So in spite of this vicious traditional and widely-accepted dishonesty cycle, Lila and Vivienne and I wrote their Christmas lists for Santa on Monday.

They were hand-written in a list format. Not yet, letter-form.

I would imagine we'll do a letter next year for Lila.

So, in order to prepare for next year's letter, I've created this primer.

First, the suggested Santa Form Letter.

Click to make larger

Next, I've submit to you the background information, the psychology of the letter, if you will...

Click to make larger

I hope that helps you and yours.

Here's to encouraging your children to ask a virtual stranger to bring them gifts on Christmas morning based on less-than perfect merit.

(I need to get a life.)


And finally, Lila's four-year-old Christmas List.

In case you had trouble reading that, I'll translate:

1. Bouquet of Flowers (I sigh. The sweetness.)
2. Book
3. Stamps (As in with ink pad, not United States Postal Service.)
4. Doll
5. Games
6. Makeup (sigh...)
7. Ribbons
8. Pink Purse
9. Toys
10. Sandals

And then there's Vivi's list. Which of course, at 2.5 she couldn't quite write.

I think you can read it just fine.

I appreciate #4.

Numbers 7 and 8 are great, too.

Everyone wants chocolate, penguins and "panpakes" for Christmas, right?



  1. if only everyone would want a bouquet of flowers, chocolate, penguins and panpakes for Christmas, the world would be a much better place. and i totally appreciate the effort of these letters, the form letter to Santa, and this post.... :) love you, Miss

  2. hilarious. both your template and their requests. may they get purses full of goodness and all the panpakes their bellies can hold! :)

  3. Dear Lord, this is amazing. I really though Lila had become a stamp collector for some reason already. Bouquet of Flowers? That is the cutest!!!! Penguin!! Chocolate!!!! AHHH!!!!


    This is awesome for SO many reasons!!

    I totally agree about the list. Said perfectly!!

    I believe Henry will be leaving out on his list the huge fit he threw monday night at bedtime because he had to get his diaper changed and put on PJ's (as if?!?!). That apparently ridiculous request made by his parents pushed him to hit both Terry and I and thus resulted in him on the floor crying because he got yelled at and a time out. Cause and effect, child.

    Henry's list should be more like, I wasn't perfect this year and I am truly sorry for that. But really who is perfect?! I am trying the best I can and will continue to try my best and I would like to put in my formal request to be added to the nice list.


    I LOVE your lists. I was cracking up. I especially love the explanation of your list. Brilliant!

    I love your girls' lists. I think children's handwritten lists are so cute!

    And panpakes and chocolate...awesome :-)

    (I totally thought by stamps they meant USPS stamps. Bummer, stamps are awesome!)


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