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1. I recently started eating crunchy peanut butter due to an obvious purchasing error at the grocery store. I kind of love it. I appreciate the effort it takes to chew. I also googled a picture of "crunchy peanut butter"  for this post but I chose not to post it.  (Ew.)

You're welcome.

2. After I picked the girls up from school I made a quick crunchy peanut butter sandwich and brought it back to work with me. Then as I ate it, I thought:  "I wonder if anyone in my office has peanut allergies."

3. Then I thought, I don't believe that I know anyone in Mexico, who isn't an American or Canadian, who has a nut allergy. WHY IS THAT?

4. I understand and respect the seriousness of nut allergies and I truly do not take them lightly. I can't fathom the fear that some parents are forced to live in. It's literally a matter of life or death and it's terrifying to let that matter be in the hands of others. I'm thankful that our girls don't have nut allergies.

5. And I really wonder... why? Why this trend toward gluten intolerance and nut allergies in the United States? Someone. Help me out. Why isn't it as prevalent in Mexico? My girls are growing up over the border and not one kid in either of their classes has a nut allergy. There are no rules regarding what we can bring to school. (Well, that's a whole other story...)

So someone. Educate me. (I'm counting on you, my sister who's first name begins with a T and has "ish" in it.)

That's all I've got about nuts today, gang.


(It was so hard to keep this post age-appropriate.)

(It was also very difficult to find an appropriate post title.)



  1. We send Henry to a public school every day with a PB&J sandwich. No one has ever told us we weren't allowed. I'm sure there are kids in his school with peanut allergies!! I'm glad we haven't got the warning b/c it's the only thing he will eat (he doesn't eat ham & cheese). :-)

    I think there is something in our food, water and containers that are the reason we are all getting sick and allergies.

  2. I've often wondered the very same thing about allergies and Americans. I VERY much enjoy crunchy peanut butter so it saddens me that some people are allergic. My B-I-L is the oldest person I know with a nut allergy...he's what happened 50 years ago to make people so allergic to nuts and other "stuff"?

    On a completely different topic, I cannot tell you how much I love your blog!!! From the mundane topics, like nuts for the raising of little girls, I have a 7 year the loss of your Mom, my Mom died when I was 29. Your stories resonate with me and I'm so glad that I've found your blog through my wonderful little work friend iristook!

    I've been teary several times reading your blogs of grief and missing your's been 14 years for me and I still think of her every day, thankfully with less of a stabbing pain and more of a dull ache. My prayers for your healing my blogging friend...I think of you as a friend because you make me laugh out loud with some of your prose and anyone who can do that, is a friend of mine!!!

    Thank you for sharing your life and stories...they are my "afternoon smoke break" at my desk :-)

  3. As a mom to a peanut (and tree nut and sesame) allergy kid, I wish I knew what triggered the allergies. Some studies say too many antibiotics as babies/toddlers, some say kids who suffered from bad eczema as babies will develop nut allergies. I can say that as a baby Olivia had quite a few bouts with antibiotics and she had bad eczema. I think the overuse of antibiotics is an interesting argument since the studies are showing that by "over medicating" we're leaving our bodies to attack otherwise "innocent" things like food proteins. But again, it's just one theory out there.

  4. I love crunchy peanut butter, but only eat it on occasion. Reason, I prefer crunchy peanut butter only on toast, not soft bread. And because I normally take soft bread to work, it must be smooth peanut butter. Weird, i know.

    So when I was pregnant, we heard John Tesh one evening on the radio (yeah, we listen to The Tesh) and he said that new studies are showing that if you avoid foods during pregnancy that the likelihood of your kid having those allergies/intolerance's towards them are higher. So, if you avoid all seafood or all nuts or all wheat products, ect for the length of your pregnancy then the chances are raised for your kids to have intolerance or allergies because they were not exposed to the food in utero. Now obviously, there are some foods we should avoid when pregnant, but I feel that list of foods for women to avoid is getting longer and longer. Infact, my doctor even told me only a couple things to really avoid, but otherwise told me to eat healthy and I can eat whatever. It is an interesting idea, though obviously I don't think the cause for all allergies....may just increase in some, maybe?!?!

    But, if The Tesh says this is true then it has to be true, right?!?!

    T & I talk about this growing gluten intolerance in kids. Part of me wonders if it is the processed food or hormones we eat. i really have no idea. It is just odd.

  5. Ok Sister...ask and you shall receive:

    Peanut allergies in Mexico; as they are still not sure what causes peanut allergies to begin with, it seems that it comes from exposure to peanuts during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It also appears that exposure to soy during pregnancy and breastfeeding might contribute. Peanuts/peanut oil are not a staple food in Mexico in any form, as they are not indigenous, so overexposure is unlikely. Soy, likewise, is definitely not a staple here. So, if we follow the basics, they are not major peanut allergies simply because the product doesn't exist in large quantities (and although Aladin Peanut Butter is sold, note that it is always on the shelf.....).

    Gluten: Mexico leans towards corn flour as a greater staple product. Also, Mexicans do not live on preserved foods (boxed, bagged, canned or otherwise). A meal here will likely include a minimum amount of flour product, compared to the US, Canada or Europe. Celiac's is a primarily a Euro-descent disease, so it must have something to do with longterm exposure.

    NOW...having said this, Mexico has seafood, milk and some tree allergies (sumac, i.e. Craig & Max)...but as a rule, Mexico doesn't have the psychogenic reaction to disease trends that Americans have, for rarely hear of a trend in health matters at all (probably because you rarely hear the news at all...). Peanut allergies are thought to be a bit of mass hysteria (allergies in general are, actually)...but no doubt all of it comes down to one simple fact; long term exposure as a 'people' and short term exposure during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and massive overexposure to some substances (i.e. Mango sap) causes allergies of some sort or another in all places, depending on what there is to be exposed to.

    I read that bird's nest allergies are very common in Singapore and China. I guess that sorta sums it up. :)

    1. Incredible.

      **Standing ovation**

      EXACTLY what I was waiting for.

      And all of it absolutely makes sense. Thank you.


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