Ladies Lunes: Update on my sweet pickles

One of the things I like about being a Mom is the opportunity for inappropriate later.

Take for example when one of my children throws a fit. Under a table.

The glares.
The screaming.
The tears.

You just can't help but laugh.

And then there's the mistakes.

As it turns out, we'd been dressing Vivienne incorrectly for school since August. (Yes, it's now November...) As it appears, we were supposed to be dressing her on Tuesdays and Thursdays in a white uniform. (A uniform that we had in our house because Lila wore it, as well.) Anywho, Vivi was pumped to now dress like her other classmates.

Day one of the white uniform below.

Another thing I like about being a Mom? Being stretched. Doing things I wouldn't normally do.

Here Lila is all fancied up for two parties in one day. Ugh. TWO CHILDREN'S PARTIES IN ONE DAY. 
I'm sure other parents love that sort of thing, but I'm a homebody. I love my cozy time in my house on weekends.

But, these kiddos? They push us. We do what we wouldn't normally do. For them.

So, off to the two parties we went. And, we had a great time... :)

This is the manufactured smile that has reared it's indifferent head for the past few months.

And this is Vivi freaking out because it was her turn to get her picture taken and Lila started swinging on the swing that she had just been on.


Oh, wait! Now she's fine.

So I also love watching this happen.
This relationship. 
The tandem laughing.

It's the best.

Oh wait, someone's mad again.

(This is such a true example of our life: someone's happy, a second later someone's mad, another second later someone's happy again... Sometimes all we can hope for is that they both end up happy... at some point.)

...and it usually ends up that way.

The way they look at one another...

The big one adores the little one and must take care of her.

The little one needs the big one's approval all the time.

Ah, sisters.

These two.

So here are some pictures form the first party.

Notice Craig's supporting Movember.

I love these two yahoos.

So much.

So we made new reward charts.

Vivienne was pumped about hers. She now has about seven stickers on her chart and she always picks the same sticker: yellow rainbow sticker.

And here is Lila's chart. She needed to color in every square of her chart.

She asked me to hep and I so enjoyed sitting there and coloring with her.

I need to do that more often. I need to sit on the floor and just color with her more. often.


So in our house there's random dress up.

Please note that Lila was a princess (Sophia the first) and Vivienne said she was, "Queen Buho". (Queen Owl.)

We're getting our money's worth out of that owl costume.

I love them.

And this is Vivienne.

And this is Lila.

So she helped me make lasagna this weekend.

(Notice there's not enough sauce on top -- we ran out. And, there's only spinach on one side. :)

This face.

This child is so filled with life.

And then there's this one.

Acting like the silly lady she is.

Introverted around people she doesn't know well -- then, BAM! She's a "silly gooey", as Vivi calls her.

"I see you, Mommy!"

I adore her.

You know, these babies... they grow... they grow... and then they take off by themselves, don't they?

I just feel so honored to witness all of this.

So big.

When did this happen?

My baby.

That smile.

I love these two.

Seeing them play together is almost too much sometimes.

This bond.

Ah, sisters...

My girls.

And here they are a year ago.

Where does the time go?

Happy Monday.



  1. Your post just makes my heart happy. Being a mom is so rewarding. It has its challenges, definitely it's growth moments, but it is so cool to watch them learn and grow too. Big hugs to all of you!!

    Kendra N.

  2. haha - i love these pics. Viv pouting under the table, the lasagna, the mood swings, the orange dresses, the pics of them just a year ago and how much they've grown!! awesome. by far though is the white school outfit pic of Viv! so awesome that you now know how to dress her appropriately and i just picture the teachers NOT wanting to rock the boat and tell you she was doing it wrong...priceless. ; )

  3. LOVE the one of them hugging (with Lila in the white hat). This whole post... so sweet. :)


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