Current favorites: Shelves, measuring tapes, eyeliner and ovaltine.

I currently enjoy this little corner in my house.

It makes me happy.

I mean, sure, we've outgrown our space, but it's cozy and I love it.

As does Millie, the freshly-groomed, pooch.

The little house pillow was made by Wendy at A Couple More Hours. The table was from one of those sites like Hautelook or Gilt, I can't remember. It was super affordable.

The clock was my Mom's.

The little glass leaf was my Mom's. Vivi keeps putting a pumpkin on it. Which also pleases me.


And I bought this measuring tape growth chart from Kim's Sister on etsy. It's the Brimfield Growth Chart and I love it.

I just record the ladies' heights with fine point sharpies. FUN. (If you buy one, tell them Two Pretzels/Kylee sent you...)


Next, we had a bunch of artwork at the end of the hallway all hung up looking strange. So, we ordered these shelves from West Elm. They're 3 feet long and about 3.5 inches deep and I can switch out the masterpieces.

I love them.



So I bought a pair of these Hurley, dri-fit shorts from TheClymb this past summer. I fell in love.

Cotton. Comfy. Perfection. I was so enamored...

So much so that Craig was like, "Hey... um... maybe you should buy more of those shorts... or better yet, stop wearing them... every day?"

I was all, "What? Seeing me in the same sweatpants-colored-heather-grey shorts everyday isn't the hotness? Are you high, Craig?"

Whatevs, Husband. SWEATPANTS SHORTS are sexy. 

So, I bought 2 more pairs. 

I'm now the proud owner of heather grey, charcoal heather and pink heather. BUY THEM. COMFORTABLE. Wear 'em proudly. (Available here on amazon.)


My kindle is kind of old. My Mom and I got our kindles around the same time - may 2011? I recently let go of my orange cover and started using this one. This is her cover. It's now on my kindle.

I love reading at night... holding the same cover that she held. Our fingers touching the same area.

This is a favorite thing right now.


So I wrote in this post how I was handling my sun damage and hyper pigmentation issues back in June. (Remember? I showed you my sun damage? OOH.) I love this bar and I swear my trouble areas have faded.

It smells woodsy (which is oddly soothing and spa-like). You simply wet a sponge and create a lather with the bar, wash your face, leave it on for 2 minutes (AWAY FROM YOUR EYES AND LIPS!), then rinse. It does dry your skin out a bit... you've got to ease into it. Still, I like it. In full disclosure: I'm using it in conjunction with some retin-a mixture that is made here and another product called Melanolyte TX ($99 here -- it has lasted me 5 months, I use it day and night). 

Anywho, I'm a fan. $27 on


I've been a Camelbak water-bottle girl for a few years. Then recently it just made me sort of uncomfortable drinking out of plastic... all the time. (Yet I have no issues with eating raw brownie mix or eating fish tacos from a street vendor. Which totally makes sense.)

So I bought this glass water bottle and I LOVE IT.

It's the Camelbak glass eddy. It comes in 4 adorable colors. It's a glass bottle made in France, where the coneheads reside, and the silicon sleeve is pretty easy to take off and on when cleaning.

YES, I realize the lid is plastic and the drinking aparatus (straw, etc.) is plastic... so I just use this regular screw-on cap and drink out of the bottle old-school style.

Pros: It's glass. No BPA scares. It just tastes CLEANER. (Or it's all in my head. At this point, it could be either.) And, I like not drinking out of an invisibly-potentially moldy, plastic straw.

Cons: It sweats. It's heavier than a regular bottle. (Duh). And, I have to be far more careful with it on on my desk at work... if it falls over, there goes .7 liters worth of agua all over my business if I don't have the lid screwed on tightly.

How amazing is it for people who are actually working out and say, riding a bike?

I don't know. I don't have a bike.

It works perfectly fine for me at work. Where I sit. For many hours a day.

Anywho, I like it. Available on Amazon for $25 here. The extra lid (which you do not need to buy...) is $3.99 on Amazon.


So when I was in Missouri I was in need of waterproof eyeliner for obvious reasons.

I bought this Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eyeliner and it's pretty dope. (People still say that, right?)

It glides on very smoothly and the color is exceptional. It has a great little nubby end that allows you to get that ever-elusive smoky eye and it has a little sharpener on the other side of the nubby thing so that you can always have a SHARP point! (It took me approximately 6 weeks to realize that was a sharpener. Imagine how delighted I was. I originally thought, THIS IS AN ANNOYING DESIGN FLAW, why does this nubby thing keep falling out of the end of the eyeliner? Um. That's the sharpener, Kylee.)

Yep. Welcome to me.

Anywho, I've tried my fair share of eyeliners -- expensive and drugstore brand -- and I see no reason why I should be spending $20 on an eye definer when this one is great.

It doesn't rub off, dust off or bleed down my face when I cry - and I've put it through the paces as of late, amigos.

Buy it. $5.67 on


Prior to this one, I've had four different iPad cases: 3 without keyboards, one with. I couldn't find the RIGHT one for me.

Enter, this one.

I need my iPad case to do a few things:

• protect the corners of my ipad
• posses a keyboard that instantly responds to my typing. I can't handle a slow bluetooth connection that can't keep up with me (first-world problems...)
• It must be water-resistant for when I blog while swimming spill tea on it.

It's true, I invariably spill something on every electronic with a keyboard. It's literally a matter of time.

This logitech keyboard is INCREDIBLE. The husband surprised me with it and I love it. It's slim, has a flat, easy-to-type-on, very responsive keyboard and it protects the corners.

AND... it's my favorite color!

LOVE IT. Available here.


Finally, let's talk rich, creamy ovaltine.

I recently spied it at our local grocery store and I bought one jar.

Then I went back and bought the other 3 on the shelf.

You guys. I love ovaltine. I always have.

Try it again. You will like it.

Besides, it's apparently better than a nightcap.

And it will make you sleepy.

Or delusional. Like you may or may not end up seeing sleeping women in your tea cup.

AND, it's good for you. Two glasses of ovaltine is like eating a steak, butter, bread and various vegetables.

YUM. Why am I juicing again?

And yes, apparently Ovaltine helps with any evening issues you might be having... (wink, wink...)

Ovaltine must have been 1930's viagra.


Well, that's it.

And nope, I'm not compensated or sponsored for any of my favorite things. I just generally like 'em.

Have a lovely day.



  1. Is Ovaltine better than Hershey's Chocolate milk? I never loved that.

    Is Ovaltine better than Chocolate Almond milk? Because that stuff is AMAZING.

    Is Ovaltine really that good for you? I am considering buying a juicer.

  2. I love your favorite things list better than Oprah's...and I can afford the stuff on yours! LOL. Hang in there doll (HUGS) from Toledo!


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