Today is my sister's birthday!

10/29/2013 04:08:00 AM
In an effort to not make you cry, sweet sister, I thought I'd write a short and sweet post.

First though, in preparation, Craig and I posed in our brand new automobile for a Happy Birthday greeting.

We hope you like our heartfelt message:


The truth of the matter is that I love you.

I know words.
I like words.
My love for you: well, there aren't enough words.

Still, here are some I like.

I love you.

Your birth was a gift to her and to me. Even though she isn't here to say it today, sweet, sweet sister, close your eyes, listen to your heart and know that she loved you so much and that she's still wishing you a happy birthday today. I hope today you feel her. I hope you feel close to her. I hope your heart feels whole.

And well, if it can't be "happy" this year - so be it. I get it. She gets it.

So, instead of faking it - I wish you a birthday. Happy or not.

I am beyond glad that you were born, my sister, my friend.

You are incredible. You are strong. Your are beautiful.

I love you to the moon and back. And I can't wait to hug you again. Soon.




  1. Beautiful. Just beautiful.

    Happy Birthday to your sister!!!

    Also, the car is fantastic....your hat may be a bit too much ;-)

  2. So touching.

    My love to you both.


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