Last night while she was eating dinner Craig was giving me a hug.

Lila: "...You guys are already married, right?"

Us: "It's true."

Her: "... Can I have more watermelon, please?"

Sure, Lila.

We're married and you can have more watermelon.


This is what's helping me everyday.



  1. this makes me smile, I love your girls. and I am so glad to know y'all are married :) xoxo

  2. I love this.

    And I love your family.

  3. Every time we hug or kiss Lily will ask us if we are having our wedding. I have to explain we're already married and she will just look at me confused and then will go on to the next random thing - like watermelon. :) I wish I could step inside that mind to see how it works!


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