A Message from the Mom of the Year

So I thought I broke this one's wrist on Monday night.

We were playing. It was my fault.

I had her ankles and her wrists in my hands because I was about to swing her into bed (don't judge me). And she was giggling... until her left hand slipped from my grasp and her right wrist stayed in my grasp.

She screamed the equivalent of what I presumed to be "bloody murder." She held her wrist close to her body and wouldn't let me see it or touch it.

Off she and I went to the ER.

Long, exhausting story filled with guilt and tears (hers and mind) made short[er]: sweet Vivi Kate has her first dislocated or sprained wrist. According to the x-rays, no break. (Whew.)

She's got to stay home from school Tuesday and Wednesday because I felt guilty. She may or may not have eaten cookies and popsicles, too. 

And today she's almost back to normal...

"Look Mommy! I can walk!"

(Because she hurt her wrist it only makes sense to be pleased that she can still walk. Thankful in all circumstances up in here... :)

Yep. Back to normal.

UPDATE as of Friday 10/11/13:  She woke up this morning after having slept sans brace all night and exclaimed with arms over her head, "LOOK! My arm is better! Is working! Is working! I can hold my thpoon [spoon] today!"



  1. These things called accidents happen and I'm glad that miss Vivi is back to herself again :) We just purchased a loft bed for Audra, I made her go up and down the stairs a few times in the store to make sure she is ready for something like it. Conversation had in store "yes I know you can go down the stairs that way but you need to go down them the correct way please"...

  2. These things happen!!! Yesterday Keira slammed her pinky in the hinge part of the door. She was mad at me so she was slamming the door. Her pinky is MANGLED. We didn't go to the ER b/c she could move it and it didn't need stitches but I cringe still just thinking about it...

  3. Ok Kylee. That sucks...for all of you. But accidents happen. Don't be hard on yourself. Henry and I were playing on the bed and he jumped over me and I moved and his body basically bent in half the wrong way. He was gasping for breath....I thought the worse. Luckily for as fragile as they are they are also really resilient and rubbery ;-) He was totally fine, just lost his breath for a couple minutes. Needless to say I rocked him to sleep crying that night.

    Hope she (and you) are OK!!!

    (P.S. she is so damn cute)


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