On the T25 workout: everyone has 25 minutes.

At this juncture in my life, working out at home is the only way to go. Venturing outside of my home to pilates or yoga or to run isn't an option. I don't have time, our mornings are CRAZY enough to begin with, I work full-time and I want to spend time with my kids at night -- not go to the gym.

Enter Shaun T's FOCUS T25 workout. It's the third Beachbody product that I've bought: first we bought P90X back after I had Lila because again, the gym wasn't an option. (See my post about it here.) Then, I bought Insanity (post here) and now this.

Ya'll, I'll cut to the chase: I love it.

P90X never kept my attention. It was too dark and you needed too much equipment (that we had!) and I could never do a chin up so I never wanted to continue. I was completely discouraged and felt like it as just out of my element. And it was a time committment. I'm sorry, but a 90 minute workout DVD isn't in the cards with wee ones in the home.

SO, I never finished the program.

Next, Insanity. This was my first ever experience with Shaun T. and I kind of fell in love with him. I love cardio. I love sweating. And I still love Insanity and the time committment isn't horrendous - 40 minutes? Yes, please. Still, Insanity was hard on my shins and knees. But don't get me wrong, I like the program. I was doing Insanity up until we left for Ohio this summer and I really liked it.

Then came along T25. It's a series of 11 videos on 9 DVDs. Time committment? Yep, you guessed it: 25 minutes.

Seriously, Kylee? Only 25 minutes? YES, dear friends. ONLY 25 MINUTES.

(Nope. I'm not being compensated for this post. I'm writing this because I really like the program.)

The program is broken up into 2, 5-week phases. (Alpha and Beta.) I'm currently in the 5th week of Alpha and Beta starts next week. I get up at 6 a.m. Monday through Friday (I'm up anyway, thankyouverymuchVivienne) - and I'm done in 25 minutes. You skip Saturday and then do an awesome stretch DVD on Sunday.

Do I sweat? YES.
Is this QUITE a workout? YES.
Am I seeing results? YES.
Am I ridiculously injured or sore? NO.

The program was designed for people who have busy schedules and don't have gobs of time to commit to pumping the iron yet still want results.

The husband and I are really working hard to change our eating habits. They weren't horrible before, but there's always room for improvement, no? We're far more aware of what we put into our bodies since we returned from the gluttony-fest that was our vacation in Ohio, we feel much better. We're not having cocktails during the week every.night. (a glass of wine calms me) -- we're saving alcohol for the weekends and even that has cut decreased to almost none. I've cut out coke and haven't had one in 5 weeks (YEP. Except for one mini-coke on my birthday. AND... I didn't even drink the whole thing...) And, we're juicing our breakfast and eating regularly throughout the day and drinking tons of water.

Moderation is key for us right now. Imperfect progress. Can I have a cupcake? Yes. Can I have a glass of wine. Yep. Is there any reason why I can't workout for 25 minutes a day? No.

Craig and I have been doing the program together and he's lost 10 lbs in 4.5 weeks (with 5 more to go) and I've lost 3 lbs (with maybe 3-5 to go). My goal is to feel good in my clothes, less about the scale. (Still I'll be honest, I gained 2 lbs at the end of the second week and I cried about it. Ask my friend at work. I was extremely disheartened.) But, now we're both seeing changes in our bodies.  My legs are stronger and my core is, too. The videos that were SO HARD in the beginning are do-able now. I'm a little nervous about the Beta program that starts next week...

Stickers motivate me. I'm 12.

Bottom line: THIS is working. We all have 25 minutes. Seriously. I promise you that you will feel fit and good about yourself. It's a worthwhile investment. Check it out here.



  1. I think just the sheer number of DVDs is enough to scare me away. LOL

    1. STOP IT. You could do this. IT's 25 minutes. Tell them you're reviewing it for your blog - you know how to get it for free! You can do it. :)

  2. Go you! 25 min is so doable.

    You're a rock star to give up Coke. I want to give up my Diet Dew, but I'm not there yet.

    I'm going to direct Chad to this--he may like it.


    1. Summer, I know. Me? Coke. I still love it because coke is Mexico is SO DIFFERENT than U.S. coke. (It's sweeter. Sugar cane and other drugs are in it. :)

      And I WILL drink one again, but I'm on a roll - I just don't fee like I need it. I've quenched the need for carbonation with sparkling water! We have this one brand down here, Topo Chico, and it's AMAZING.

  3. Ok, awesome! I have started QUITE the collection of workout DVDs and I LOVE working out at home - it really suits my needs much better.

    I liked the idea of insanity but was too hard on these old bones (bad hip) and p90x was WAY TOO LONG AND not enough cardio.

    This looks good. Must try. Thanks for the review.

    1. Oh! I forgot to say that Tania is in the video as the "modifier" and she's GREAT. My knee started to hurt around week 3 and I just modified and STILL worked out and I felt better and now my knee is doing fine again. It's nice to have the ability to modify. It's definitely form and focus over speed...

      Let me know if you try it!


  4. Awesome!! Glad you found something that fits your schedule!!

    I can't get up early to work out....good for you! Terry will start working during the day in October and no more evenings and I will be starting to workout after work! I will look into these. I am sure this would totally kick my ass :-)

  5. So funny, I was thinking of buying this but was too scared. Thanks for the review! Might be purchasing it! - Kristy

  6. i can't believe you haven't had a coke!!! that is awesome! do you own a soda stream? you should! it helped to kick my pop habit tremendously. i use it everyday! love love love it! although i don't buy the syrup stuff they promote along with it. i usually flavor with fruit, it's amazing!

    xoxo, sal


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