Ladies Lunes: a FLOOD of photos

9/02/2013 05:08:00 AM
It's been a while since I've done a "Ladies Lunes." (Lunes means "Monday" in Spanish.)

Vivienne is 2.5 and Lila is 4.

Shall we dive in?

So this is Vivi's normal face.  All the time. Silliness.

I can't get over this one. She's growing up. Oh my. She's so helpful. And sweet.

Just this past week this has happened, "Mommy? What can I do to help you? What can we do together?"

Over and over again.

"No, but I want to do something with you..." heart...

Vivienne Kate has shown us her independence these past few months.

She's fearless.

And, in our family a good personality is very highly regarded because laughter is as necessary to life as breathing. This one is always, always performing.

She's my kid.

Lila is very into drawing these days.

We're working on her letters and but she's happiest drawing stars, butterflies, cupcakes and cakes.

Vivienne is very in to being a hot mess.

When I cut her bangs, the entire time she chants, "I'm so bravely. I'm so bravely..." Then when we're finished she says, "You cut just a tiny bit, right? I can have a marshmallow now, right?"


These two never seem to want to hug one another at the same time.

Either Vivienne is ALL over Lila and Lila acts as if she has the plague. Or vice versa.

This is what I get when I yell, "CAN YOU GUYS PLEASE BE SERIOUS FOR A MINUTE?"

Lila, age 15.

Vivi has some adorable curls. I just cut off her rat tail, seen below, to better blend in with her hair.

It was time.

Lila is big into painting her own nails. Which is better than her painting my nails...

At school this year the rule is that nail polish is no longer welcome on fingernails. Lila is irate. And I've got to admit, the not-a-parent-part of me thinks this is CENSORSHIP OF EXPRESSION. :)

Those lips...

Here's a better shot of the since-been-cut rat tail.

I can remember posing baby Lila in this same hallway just a few years ago. Now. This.

The painting never stops here. And that little table was one of the best investments ever. It's used all day, everyday.

Such concentration. Always.

This one.

She's an intense little spirit. She's always silly. Always.

My favorite words she says right now panpakes (pancakes) and piggy tank (piggy bank). I also love it when she says, for no reason, "Mommy? I love you."

I adore this picture because even though it's a little bit blurry, it sums up sisters.

Look at Vivi's face.

Hot mess, weekend-hair. Beautiful smile.

I really have no idea where this pose came from.

But I'll admit it. I like it.

Work it, Vivienne.

Chocolate milk.

Someone asked me the other day if Lila and Vivienne played together.

Um, all day. Everyday. Random stuff. Like this.

They dine together, too.

They like to be alike.

For my birthday we made cupcakes. Lila was beyond pumped.

Vivienne was thrilled, too.

I love that smiled while putting the icing on the cupcake.

The girls love to be outside... when it's not scorching out. The other day Lila announced that she doesn't like Mes-ee-coe. I asked why? She said, "Because it has hot days."

True story.

Yep. That's Vivienne.

Watching this craziness happens truly makes me smile.

I can hear it:

Vivienne: "Now get in the back of the car, Lila."

Lila: "Ok"

And, scene.

And this craziness? Oh you guys, the other day the girls were just on and I took so many pictures because I didn't want to forget one second of it.

They were "getting ready to go to a wedding" and so they dressed accordingly.

It started off with just a bit of lipstick and some necklaces and bracelets...

(My first ever fish-tail braid the day after... EASIER THAN a FRENCH BRAID!)

Yep. Then this.

The giggling was out of control.

My Vivi Kate, as dressed by her sister.



My girls.

So then they brought out more clothes. I mean, it was a WEDDING, for the love.

Apparently a masquerade wedding?

Love these faces.

And then Vivi brought out the glasses and I nearly fainted.

They were running up and down the hallway because, "We're late, Mommy! We're late!" Their little plastic heels clacking, clacking, clacking. They were giggling and being so silly.

 One can never have too many accessories.

...or pink lipstick.

So one second she's happy...

And the next minute: this.

This was all because she was being forced to eat something she didn't want to eat.

She thinks she has an iron will. Yeah right. I'm your mother. BEST OF LUCK.

Meanwhile, this one has turned into Rapunzel. (And she knows it, too.) She's a hair-twirler.

So we celebrated Craig's birthday at the end of August.

They love their Daddy so, so so much.

PURE adoration. As it should be.

So we keep all of the necklaces that break and the girls have been making new necklaces and bracelets out of them. It's been a thing. A very successful thing.

Lila takes it very seriously.

I adore her excitement for crafts.

This photo was taken on Saturday.

We're 4 days into school... and I think she has a cold. (No, seriously.)

Right after she woke up she received new boots from her Aunt T.

They were worn a lot this weekend. (No, no rain...)

Slightly sun-burned sisters (I'm a TERRIBLE PARENT) wearing rainboots inside.

This whole thing? This happens on a regular basis. We've grown out of our house (but aren't willing to move until we make the move back to the States) and the girls only play space is in their bedrooms (and outside, of course - but the courtyard, patio and yard are FAR TOO HOT this time of year.) So this happens right now.

The giggling.

Oh these girls.

I love the pink. I love the purple. I love the laughing and the bows and the babies and the tea parties and the cupcakes and the painting and the dress up and the bracelets and the cuddles and the hugs.

Someone anyone, how do I PAUSE this time?

Because before I know it, they're going to be grown.

Case in point below...

Have a great week, everyone. Happy Labor Day.



  1. awwww, those sweet girls! i loved all of the gobs of pictures. the one early on of just Viv (right after you said you cut her bangs and her lips are pursed and the light is perfect) - that made me gasp b/c it looks exactly like you! :)
    mucho love,

  2. Following your blog makes me realize I don´t take nearly enough photos of my daughter... And I am a photographer! :) Love your posts by the way!!

  3. I absolutely ADORE every single one of these photos!!

    Sweet Lila and funny is just so apparent in these pics!! :-)

    And sisters....sigh. Love them!!

  4. Love them! so cute and fabulous!



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