Jeff Lewis has changed?

In my humble opinion, Jeff Lewis, of Bravo's Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis is completely less of a jerk.*

I mean, do you remember him on seasons past of Flipping Out? I liked him at first, then he turned horrendous. He was beyond hurtful and just a nasty human being. I felt so strongly about this I actually deleted him from my DVR. [gasp!]

But I've been watching Interior Therapy for this entire season and not only do I like most of his design aesthetic and his best friend, Jenni Pulos, but I find that I'm liking Jeff again.

You know the show, right?

Bravo proceeds to find neurotic people with personal issues that affect their relationships and who incidentally have messy/poorly-decorated houses in southern California and then Jeff, Jenny, Zoila and the hot contractor move in for the week, re-do whatever rooms they choose and then proceed to push the homeowners to the breaking point emotionally.

It's fun.

We watch the chaos of crazy people AND we get to see a before/after makeover. The only way they could make this show better is if it had some sort of cooking-show competition also included.

So set your DVR, it's on Tuesdays at 9 pm.

Befores from a recent episode:

And the After's.


Jenni was pregnant during the filming of the show. Perhaps that's why Jeff was nicer? She had her baby girl in at the end of June, Alianna Marika. Love Jenni.

*I am not a fan of Andy Cohen, creator of all of these shows. I feel like he's the Joe Francis (Girls Gone Wild) of Bravo. Blech.


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  1. I stopped watching 'Flipping Out' for the same reason - I just could not handle Jeff Lewis anymore. But...I might have to check out this new show. And, as an that a SHARK in the before photos? ;)


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