Yep. I like Duck Dynasty. Like everyone else in America.

8/22/2013 05:08:00 AM

Yesterday I read an article that reported that A&E's Duck Dynasty is going to potentially be, "the biggest cable show of all time" with nearly 11.8 million viewers.

I understand.

Have you watched that show?

It's on A&E and it's entertaining. I love that family. They're dry, witty and well... seemingly normal.

I only recently discovered this show, even though it's been on since March of 2012. And it should be duly noted that I hate the Swamp People show, any show about moonshining and generally everything about snake-catchers who scream, "Live action!"

Check out these before and afters of the Robertson family. Fabulous.

Do you watch it?


1 comment:

  1. I have never seen this show and only heard about it a month or so ago. I really need to watch more than the Sprout channel and the Real Housewives.



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