Vivienne went to school today.

It's true.

My last little birdie has flown the nest.

Well, sort of. I mean, she's 2. She does still live here.

Vivienne Kate woke up this morning

"I go to school today, right?"

"I no cry, ok? I no cry, Mommy."

And there. It was decided. She would indeed be going to school today and she would indeed not be crying.

We visited the school last week on Lila's first day. We've been talking about how awesome her teacher is since the spring. She knew what was coming.

(And yes, they start school at a very early age in Mexico.)

She ate her breakfast with slightly more pep than normal.

I think she was hurrying along because she was excited to put her school clothes on.

We got her dressed.

She immediately went to show her Daddy.

"Look at me!"

She wore her outfit so proudly... I love seeing toddlers puff up.

It was time to grab her backpack and go take the front-door pictures just like her big sister, Lila.


Confident stance.

I wish you could have seen how pleased she was to wear her buho (owl) backpack AND to be the one who we were taking pictures of.

Those knees.

That laugh.

Vivi Kate was so pleased to have it be her turn to stand in front of the door. She was so proud to hold the board.

And even though you can't see it, Lila was so, so very excited to share school with her sister. "Vivi, you will be great! School is so fun. You will be downstairs and I will be upstairs. If you need to go potty, just tell Miss Luly."

Ah, sisters.

Thank you for prepping her, Lila.

With Daddy.

I love this one.

Her hand on his arm...

 And, now Us and our VERY eager smiles.

Slightly restrained smiles.

...and my favorite. (This kid OOZES personality.)

 So, off we went.

And this is where the photos end and her story begins.

We walked in to the school yard, my Vivienne holding my hand.

"Vivi, remember Miss Luly?"

She nods.

Miss Luly asks her, "Do you want to see the turtles?"

Vivi says, "Yes."

And BOOM. Scene. Done.

That was it.

You guys.



Yes, that uneventful.

No I'm serious. My little peanut butter cup just walked away. Confidently. Like that. To go see the turtles.

If I could have stayed in the car and worked outside the school all day, I would have.

But thankfully, her teacher texted me this photo mid-morning. Vivienne at her desk, playing play doh with what appears to be a small tortilla press.


When I showed up at pickup time (she goes from 9 am - 1:30, but since Lila goes from 8:30 - 2 pm, Vivi will be there that long...) she was GREAT.

HUGE smile on her face. HUGE hug for me.

GREAT report from her teacher (whom I'll say it again, we love. She was Lila's teacher and she is incredible. Heart of oro.)

"She was great! She ate all of her lunch, played very well and didn't cry at all. And you are right... she is very different from Lila..."

Meanwhile, as I'm talking to the teacher Vivi is saying to me:

"That's my teacher. I like her. She's so nice."

(After school pics, she was being silly... and it was 300 degrees out with 99% humidity.)

She's absolutely pumped to go back tomorrow and all of this has made me reflect...

Vivienne came into our family and just fit right in. There was no transition. No, really.
She was just born and it was as if she had been here all along.
She walked early. She just got up and walked. No big fanfare. Just boom - walked.
She decided to stop wearing a diaper one day and was potty trained the next. All in her time. Again, no fanfare. No stress. Her time. She decided.
She decided to be cool with going to school and, as she called it this morning:

"I go to school today, right?"

"I no cry, ok? I no cry, Mommy."

And, that's Vivi.

She decides. She makes it happen. And, well, that's it.

Sweet Vivienne Kate, I'm so proud of you. I love you so, so very much.



  1. This made me get teary eyed! I feel proud of her like she's my own!

  2. Replies
    1. Right?! We cry even thought she didn't. :)

  3. That's just so awesome! Go Vivi!

    V will start school at 2.5 too. I think that's a great age to start school.

    And I love how Lila prepares her little sister. Sophia is doing that now with E, since S is my confident one and E is a little skeptical. "This is your teacher, she's nice, she reads to you, and you play with paint and make messes and have lots of fun. You get a backpack. And a lunchbox. And it's so fun. You'll be brave, Evelyn. Your big now. Like me."

    Sisters. So sweet. So special. I wish I had one. ;)

    1. Oh my goodness, that's adorable. I know we say it all the time, but S & E are so similar to L & V. I love it. "You're big now. Like me."


      They walk into school everyday holding hands, too. Craig says that Vivi announces every morning when they get there, "I no cry, Daddy! I no cry, ok?"


  4. Oh my goodness, LOVE THIS!!

    Way to go, Vivi!!!

    "I no cry, ok? I no cry, Mommy." Yep, that made me tear up.

    I am glad it went SO smoothly. It does totally seem to fit her personality that she would love to go to school. Such a big girl! :-)

    I also adore EVERY single one of these pictures. That smile, that hair, that face....precious! And i love how proud Lila is too. So sweet.

    Also, that second picture at the bottom of you and Vivi with your heads tilted. Um, could you too look ANY more alike?!?! The Fantastic!

    (How did mom handle her going to school?!)

    1. (Mom is a little overwhelmed by the silence in the house when they're both gone... it sort of seems like pre-baby silence. Which is weird... I'm not sure how I am with all of this...)


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