Today is "Love your Dog" day. On my blog.

8/06/2013 09:32:00 AM

I mean, really.

The Ferg is the best.

About Ferg:
Her full name is Señorita Fergie Lupita and she was brought down from Omaha, Nebraska to Cabo. She's a six-year-old (gasp) Havanese who likes to sleep at the highest points in the house, enjoys eating chicken and hates thunderstorms and fireworks. She likes to cuddle and, I'll have you know, has NEVER eaten one of the girls' toys or acted out in any way. She doesn't, however, understand the concept of streets and doesn't know to not run toward them. She sleeps until whenever and she doesn't yap or shed. She's better than any dog I've ever met.

Oh, I love her.



  1. Is there a Millie post too?

    1. I'm sure there will be! Millie has been a sweetheart lately. We think she might be mellowing. Today I was feeling rather partial to Ferg, though. I mean, look how sweet she was this morning. (See photo.) And I never write about her anymore...

    2. I just want to say that I was coming in to ask about Millie! The Anon above is not me! -Bridget

    3. Bridget - NO WORRIES. We do love Millie, though. She has been incredible since we've been home. It's been weird. She's a new dog. She hasn't eaten a kid's toy in a week!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! You should see her in person. You'd faint.


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