The first day of Escuela

Today was the first day back for my sweet pickle, Lila.

I'm sorry. But my sweetie is adorable.

It's Lila's 3rd year at her school (they start 'em young here. No really, they do.) and of course she went to school again this year with my heart in her pocket.

We did the requisite in-front-of-the-front-door pictures because that'

(Please keep in mind that the humidity is at an all-time high today. Holy George, it's hot.)

First with Daddy. (This child looks exactly like her father. I will find some kid pictures of him. It's crazy.)

Then with Mommy. Look at that fake smile I got. Whatever.

Craig took 12 photos of us and she's doing that face in all of them.

I blame the heat.

And then this cutness.

Then, off we went.

Vivienne went along for the ride because her first day at the same school is next Monday. 

She wore her backpack in solidarity.

Last night when we were talking about the return to school, we explained that Lila would see all of her old amigos and that this year she is a BIG girl because her classroom is UPstairs.

Still, when we got there, someone was a little unsure.

Ugh. I remember this feeling when I was a kid...

Still, onward she marched... (Blurry, but notice - NO TEARS!)

And up the stairs my big girl went.


No seriously? Where does the time go?

Can't wait to see how the day went...


Lila's first day - 2012. See here. Whoa. She's growing up.
Lila's first day - 2011. See here. She's a baby.



  1. So beautiful and look at her gorgeous hair!! (sigh) I would've cried :(

  2. Kylee, this just makes me tear up.

    She IS getting so big and of course so adorable!

    That unsure face....precious. Just want to grab her up in your arms and hug her.

    What a brave little girl and I hope she loves school and being a big girl upstairs!!

    I can't believe Vivi starts next week :(


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