Six shades of grey.

8/28/2013 05:08:00 AM
We decided that we needed some change.

The truth of the matter is we've outgrown our home but neither the husband or I are willing to move again until we move back to the land of Wendy's and 24-hour grocery stores.

SO, what's the best thing to do?

Why, let's paint the kitchen cupboards white on top, yellow on the bottom and the living space grey. Throw in a couple new furniture pieces and BAM. Change.

(Kitchen cupboard pics to come... haven't started on that yet... waiting on paint samples...)

So, back to GREY.

There appears to be many shades of the color in between black and white. Ah, shades of grey. (No, I haven't read those books because I am a lady.)

So, we decided on a grey. We painted a patch on the wall. We liked it. Craig primed a bigger wall. We painted and edged the wall in that grey... and... we hated it.

It was blue.

SO, here we are today.

We've decided on top left.

I think we're booth terrified to actually move forward.

We're four-layers of paint invested in a sizable wall. And we have 2 gallons of a too blue/too dark paint.

Keep your fingers crossed.

If this doesn't work, the whole house will be primer white.



  1. i had a terrible time choosing a gray for isaac's nursery. seriously... who KNEW the perfect gray could be so hard to find?? fingers crossed that you have the right one this time! can't wait for pics... how fun!

  2. I like the "just right" choice.

    We went through this same thing with our guest bath. It was too blue. Went and had the paint re-tinted and painted it again (you can do that you know instead of buying new!)

    It's better. I'm still not convinced that it shouldn't be more gray. It looks different at different times of day, so I just live with it :)

    As you chalkboard says... Let it go :) (love that)

  3. I love the chalkboard 'let it go' along with this post. ;) Neutrals are hard. They look SO different in every room AND at different times of day. I feel you, as I'm stuck with FLESH colored walls in our living room, since it looked totally OK on the swatch and on a tiny patch, but from about 10:30 am til 6pm, my walls look light pink/flesh colored. Gross. I hate it. Oh well. Considering the walls require scaffolding to paint, it's not getting painting again until little hands are no longer tempted to rub all up on them. ;)


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