Shoes, oh shoes. How I love thee. Or them. Or those. Or whatever.

I look at our trip back to Ohio* in the summer as a time to reconnect with family and friends... and to refill my closet.

The truth of the matter is that I feel like I've been wearing the SAME SHOES SINCE 2006 since I live in a perpetually warm locale.

Literally. Same shoes. Different day. (Sandals and wedges for 10 months out of the year, ballet flats for 2 months. You can MAYBE squeeze in a pair of boots once or twice, but it's hard to wear them without looking like a jerk. I mean, it's hot here. And this is the land of cobblestone, heels are tough. Wedges are the way to go.)

But truth, I needed/wanted some new shoes.


Here are eight of the pairs of shoes I bought while I was there. (I bought a couple more, flip flops and sandals.)

Extreme? Potentially.
Cute? Absolutely.
Fit in my suitcase? No way. (Waiting for them to arrive as you read this...)


I literally LOVE these.
From Nordstrom's. No idea the brand, but cute.

And these are ORANGE!
(It's my signature color, you know...)

 "...My colors are blush and bashful..."
"Her colors are pink and pink... can this wedding get any more precious, I ask you?"
"Pink is my signature color..."

$10 for whoever knows the movie that comes from. (I've seen it at least 799 times.)

Anywho, on sale (now) for only $54.99! Go. Move. Buy.

And Craig's [least] favorite pair.

They're crocs. All men hate crocs. But you guys, THEY'RE COMFORTABLE. (See here.)

I felt the little red numbers were fun. I bought them to go with this dress that I wore to Iris Took's sister's wedding.

(Here we are - I LOVE YOU, EEN. AHHHHhhhhh!)

I was IN LOVE with the whole outfit. I really was. (Ignore my bangs. Wind, I'm guessing?)

It was a BUBBLE DRESS with POCKETS from here.
I felt it was perfect for an outdoor wedding at a lake.

The 3 of us felt we coordinated well. I'm married to the one on the left, sans jacket.

Sometimes I cry because I live in Mexico and there's no good shopping here.

Not kidding.


*My photo-update of our trip is forthcoming. I have a lot of photos to wrangle.



  1. From the movie Steele Magnolias, one of my all time favorites!!!

  2. Oh, and love the shoes!!!! Once upon a time, in 2005, I counted, it was over 100... Then I got married, and downsized by a lot!

    1. I shed a tear at your downsizing. I hope it was worth it. :)

  3. One of my favorite movies! I always cry in the end along with Sally. :-)

    LOVE all those shoes and you looked like a total hottie hottie at that wedding! And your hubby is dressed so fashionably too!

    1. I ALWAYS forward the movie when I see Shelby telling the other nurses at work that she's excited to dress Jackson for Halloween. Can't take it.

      And thank you!

  4. Love Steel Magnolias!!!

    Great shoes!!!

    1. THANK YOU. And seriously,

  5. vacation pictures, schmacation pictures. it's good to see you have your priorities straight, and started with the shoe photos. :) and you and craig at the wedding? TOOOO cute.

  6. Love you and your shoes. Thanks for posting that pic.

  7. You look awesome.

    I LOVE your hair!!

  8. I have never seen Steel Magnoilas... I shall work to amend that.

    I hate crocs, my husband does not. We have compromised in saying they are good play shoes for the kids... but I will not let them wear the crocs off our property. *Maybe* to Maumee Bay beach, but that hasn't happened yet. Although, the non-croc looking crocs (they make ballet flats and flip flops and such too, don't they?) are fine, though I don't own any.

  9. YAY for shoes!! Those ones with green are awesome!

    I hate to admit, but I love crocs. They are so comfortable to wear, and perfect to do stuff around the house. Those ones are cute!

    The picture of you and Een....Uh, hello gorgeous ladies!! Great picture.

    I had NO idea what movie that was from and...wait for it....have never seen it. I know, gasp! Not my cup of tea, but really are you surprised?! ;-)


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