MexMo: This annoys me, OR I have too much time on my hands. You decide.

Since I live in Mexico, my computer's IP address indicates that I'm surfing websites (do people still say that?) from a location other than in the United States.

So, if I attempt to, say, download a U.S. TV show I must mask my IP address using a site called Go Trusted.

Sometimes, when I'm online shopping it's slightly inconvenient, too. Every site assumes that I want my language to be Spanish and my currency to be Pesos. This is bullet-proof logic since I live in Mexico and don't "mask" my IP address all the time.

When I encounter this, I simply change my country and my currency (each time I visit the same site) and move on with my day.

But this is what bugs me.

You'll notice on the GoDaddy site that the country I've been associated with is Mexico.

This is fine, however - I want to view the site in dollars and not pesos so I click on the drop down menu to find the United States.

I immediately scroll to the "U's" because, well, you know, it's the United States.

But no, the United States is at the TOP of the list. 

This annoys me.

And this happens on so many sites.

Americans are above alphabetical order?

Why are we at the TOP when we should be, fair and square, in the "U" section?

Come on now.

We belong smack-dab in between the United Kingdom and Uruguay.

No special treatment anymore, kiddos.

Alphabetical order.

All sites.


I'm calling for it.

(Too much time on my hands.)


Moving on, look at this craziness.

"Pose, Vivi."



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  1. hahaha! i love that I can just hear you saying this!

    And Vivi...I mean STOP. How freak'n fantastic is that picture. The pose, the face, the outfit, the hair. It is perfection!!


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