Lila and 'NSYNC


The first day of school went very well.

Lila at pickup. 100 degrees.

Lila said her teacher was nice, classroom was nice, blah, blah, blah because all this Mama heard was that apparently some little girl in her class told Lila that she didn't like her nail polish. Apparently Lila's multi-colored nails (pink, orange, another pink, etc.) aren't as cool as THIS little girls' BLACK nails.


And, seriously? A 4-year-old bully?

Taking deep breaths...

Lila didn't change her nail polish and I'm curious to hear how the day went.

I would never run down a four-year-old jerk... but I would run down her mother.


Not sure if you know, but the interweb is all abuzz that 'NSYNC (that apostrophe before the N is so important) might reunite at this Sunday's VMAs. I also am not sure if you know that I phoned into 92.5 KISS FM radio contest when I was approximately 23-years-old and won tickets to an 'NSYNC concert in Detroit. Let's just say it wasn't easy finding someone to go with me.

And also let's just say the mere idea of this reunion may entice me to record the VMAs on Sunday.

I'd thumbs up to that too, Chris Kirkpatrick.

(Article here.)

(Who was your favorite? I was a Justin girl. At 23.)



  1. Kylee, I'm so in for the next concert. JT all the way. Hehehe. :)

  2. Oh no she didn't?!?!?! Hopefully black finger nail polish girl gets her act together and everything is good today!

    So, I am sure this is no surprise but I didn't listen to NSync growing up. Well, I was forced by my best friend in high school to go to a concert. We were in lawn seats and I think I actually took a nap at one point :-) I was into grunge and Green Day and wore plaid around my waste and baggy jeans and these tan work boots....I did not fit in at ALL at the concert!!

    Never-the-less, I would watch just to see how bad or good it is. I caught a performance of the backstreet boys recently since reunited and I was embarrassed for them when they sang that backstreets back song :-)

    I had to look this up, but I like JC. he was cute!

  3. Oh, and I may actually like them now since I am not a little a-hole loner teenager!! Well i love Justin now :-) As long as they don't sing bye bye bye!


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