I find this fascinating.

8/28/2013 12:24:00 PM
Harold & Ruth Knapke - June 2013. Photo rights to their family.

You've heard of the Ohio couple that died within 11 hours of one another, right? Mr. and Mrs. Knapke had married for 65 years.

"There’s no question that love can lead to a very physical connection. Researchers have shown that couples grow closer and closer over the years – to the point where their hearts may actually beat in sync. One study, in fact, monitored six longtime couples’ hearts as they slept. When the couples lay next to one another, their hearts began to beat in rhythm with one another."

I hope our hearts do this, Craig.

Article here.



  1. I totally believe this. My in laws cared for distant relatives down South last year. Both were in a nursing home in the end, under close care. They were both not doing very well; knowing they wouldn't last very long. Well, the wife passed away one morning....the husband was doing very well. Fine, in fact. The next morning, he passed. They told my MIL he died from a 'broken heart'. I totally believe that.

    (Side note, which I know you will totally get: They had a dog. My MIL brought the dog back up here (to MI) to care for it. I mean, who can leave a dog alone? Now, every single time someone leaves their house, the dog stands in front of the door and cries. He won't let anyone leave...I think in fear that they won't come back. Like his parents. How sad is that? And heart warming too. Dogs are so, so smart.)

  2. dang. thanks for my daily cry. :)

  3. Awwwww - This is really sweet/sad/touching.


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