I don't care about shark week.

8/04/2013 08:03:00 PM
That's all.

I do, however, think I deserve the Parent of the Year award.

Today, the girls got up from their naps in the middle of The Real Housewives of Orange County.

It was the part where Gretchen was proposing to Slade (whatever) and she was telling him, "...I'm sorry, I wasn't ready to marry you before, I was afraid... but now I love you..." blah, blah, blah.

Vivi sat down and watched the TV and said....

Vivi: "She was afraid. That lady. She no marry him because she was afraid."

Me: "Oh really?" [This is terrible yet awesome that Vivi is walking me through this.]

Her: "That man made her afraid. But now she is not."

Me: "That's great. Maybe we should turn off the T.V."

Vivi: "Yeah..."




  1. Isn't it amazing what little ones pick up and decipher?? Don't sweat it...the good part is that you recognize what she is learning! Unlike so many other parents in the world today that let their young kids watch completely inappropriate movies, etc....That's so much of what's wrong with our society today! ugh....

  2. heehee! That is cute.

    We are at that age were Henry is getting things he watches. He will watch his cartoon and laugh at something that is meant to be funny. I told Terry we really have to be careful what we let him watch as he is "getting it". So crazy!

    Not going to lie though, we probably watch TV far more than we should. Eh.

    So are you watching the OC Real Housewives?! I still watch it...don't know why, but I do! Of course last nights finale was ALL yelling. Almost ridiculous all the yelling and craziness. And yet I continue to watch. And the reunion is THREE episodes. Uh, is that really necessary?!


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