Hello new, goodbye old. Birthday recap.

The most gorgeous flower arrangement EVER from my sweet friends D & M. I want them to live forever.

So Friday was a weird-o day for me. I was overwhelmingly emotional. I attribute it to the fact that I felt smothered in so much love (Thank you everyone...truly) and Craig left for Colorado that morning.

I was just completely off my game and weird.

Tears. I cried some tears. I mean look how sweet this text is from my Mama.

"Sweet baby girl." Stop it. Crap. I know what it's like to have sweet baby girls now.

[Cue more crying.]

In my defense (just in case this goes to trial), I believe that I started off the day far too early. (A thank you goes out to my never-sleeping-youngest-daughter Vivienne Kate for that 5:45 a.m. wake-up call. Nothing says, "Happy Birthday, Mama" like a tap on the face saying, "I want yogurt.")

Because anyone who receives flowers MUST take pictures of them. Gorgeous. Happy. Fabulous.

After I took Craig to the airport I had a couple of surprise visits from friends at work (AWESOME) and had a fantastic lunch with another friend (Thank you!) and the day started to turn around. Well, and then we had cake at work! I mean, who doesn't love cake at work? It was delicious.

That's me at work in the middle. I'm the only one not looking at the camera. I get that from Lila and Vivi.

After work I received a phone call from the importer.


My shoes!... er... I mean, MY CAR! (See shoes I bought in Ohio here.)

If you'll recall, I was a bit concerned by the impending arrival of my car and shoes. (Read here.) However, by 5:45 p.m. ON MY BIRTHDAY (!!!) my brand new car, which I named Burt Reynolds (because I name cars) was HERE. Parked at my house.

(That's not my house. It's my work. I took the pic this morning.)

And, the lovely importers carried in my two boxes of shoes, my juicer, and a small roll-on suitcase filled with two boxes of bisquick from my mother-in-law. (Bisquick makes the best strawberry shortcake ever. Bake it in pie dish, cover it with sugar, crumble up when still warm and smother with strawberries. YUM.)

I digress.

I was SO happy.

After the girls' were finished eating their dinner cereal (It was my birthday. I didn't want to cook) I loaded them into the car (transferring car seats in 100-degree heat BLOWS) - and off we went to the car wash. We got the colored soap (so fun) and we all were happy.

Driving. Errands. Fun.

The birthday ended on such a lovely note and I enjoyed it.

And the car... well, of course I love Burt Reynolds...

...but that also means that Lola, my 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee with 40k miles on it, is being turned over to her new owner tomorrow.

Oh, this car. She was my first-ever SUV and more importantly, she was the car that brought both babies home from the hospital.

(Lila on the left, Vivienne 19 months later on the right.)


It's amazing how attached you become to things.

I mean, they're just things...

But when those things are attached to my sweeties and my life, it makes it that much more bittersweet.

I mean, look at those babies...



Enough. I need to move on. It's a car.

Ultimately, it should come as no surprise that I was a blubbering weirdo on my birthday. I'm sentimental about my car.

Out with Lola, in with Burt.
Out with 33, in with 34.

And... scene.



  1. It's normal to name cars. Mine is "Bruce" because it looks a little like the Batmobile.

    Anyway, Happy 34 Years to you!!

  2. Mine is Helga.....I'm glad you are happier sister!

  3. Hope you had a happy BURT-day.

  4. Welcome Burt!!

    Baby Lila and Baby Vivi...OHMYGOSH!! Melt my heart. When were they that small?!



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