Happy Birthday, Shannon!

8/22/2013 03:08:00 AM

Dear friend,

I sometimes feel that we share a brain.
You're beautiful.
I love our friendship.
I love how we can truly make one another laugh, smile, cry -- you name it.
You're an incredible Mama. A fantastic friend. You have a beautiful singing voice. And you're gorgeous inside and out. (Though I've never seen your innards, but I'm sure they're pristine.)

I love you truly. And I figured that if you could have any designer cake in the world you'd probably chose a huge goldfish cake, so that's why I chose that photo above.

Look. It doesn't even need water or to be de-scaled or anything.

And if your doorbell rings around noon, don't worry - it's just the real-life version of this cake showing up for you to awkwardly and uncomfortably consume. It was either that or a stripper but it's really hard to find a quality stripper where you live. (Could you move closer to the city?)

I love you.
I'm beyond happy that you were born and I'm blessed to call you friend. (Is it ok to talk about blessings and strippers in the same post?)

Happy day!

Love you,



  1. yep - totally appropriate to talk about strippers and blessings in the same post when it's about our dear, lovely and amazing friend, Shan.
    i love you too, Shan!! :)

  2. AHAHAHAAA!! I love this, almost as much as I love you, my dear friend. And I agree that talking about strippers and blessings is totally appropriate. :)

    Thank you so much for this!! I just adore you and our friendship, and if that goldfish cake actually DOES show up at my house, you and I are going to Skype while I cut into it. :) It's the best thing I've ever seen.


  3. hahaha! Love this :-)

    Happy Birthday, Shannon!!!


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