Finally, summer vacation pics.

Note and disclaimer. These photos were taken with both my SLR and my iphone so the quality completely varies. Also, please note that these photos are in no particular order because I don't have the time or patience to put them in order.

You will know it is time to turn the page when you hear the chimes ring like this... let's begin now.

And, so we took a vacation this summer.

We went to Ohio to see friends and family.

This little lady, and her sister, got to to "wake up the magic" at the Disney Store.

A mall-walker told us that little ones who are at the mall when the Disney Store opens get to "turn on the magic" at the store. They wear a cape, a hat (if your kids aren't shy) and say biddity-bobbity-boo and wah-la! The store opens, the lights turn on, and they get a crown and a lanyard and they walk away feeling very special. Case in point:

For the first two-weeks we were there it rained Everyday. This was the first day that we got out, in-between rain storms. We went to The Butterfly House. It mildly creeped me out because being in a room full of small-bird-sized things flying all around me is pretty much my nightmare, but I like to think that I kept it cool for the wee ones.

We spent a lot of time in the car, which is normal for other people's kids, but not so much for mine. (Our whole life is pretty much in an 18-mile stretch of road.) 

Vivi, as we learned, has a touch of the 'ole motion sickness and only "dumped out of her mouth" (her words that mean "throw up") all over this chair once! (Yes, we cleaned the WHOLE thing from top to bottom...)

Here we are at my Aunt's house. I love the varying expressions on the two little ones in this picture.

"Mommy, look at how big this tree is."


Ah, the green in Ohio... Beautiful.

So, even if we go to Ohio, and not say Atlantis or Disneyworld, it's still pretty awesome. Because there are these moments...

...the moments where someone has a very important story to tell and someone else is quiet inclined to intently listen.

This was the summer where the girls discovered waterguns.

...And, they loved them.

Vivi actually mentioned them to me the other day and was quite annoyed that we don't have them here with us in Cabo.

(Look - evergreens by the pool. Such a change of scenery for us. Love it.)

So proud of this little lady. She's come so far. (Do you see that raft in the background? The person who sits in it doesn't even touch the water. Cra-zay.)

This is Lila telling the Talking Hippo App on the iPad how much she missed her dogs. Full-on-conversation, you guys.

This iphone pic makes me smile. American Flag, perfect day, Vivi wearing a little dress from Mexico. Our two worlds.

The ladies attended their first-ever movie-theatre movie while we were there. It was Despicable Me 2 and they loved it. About 20 minutes into the movie Lila told us she wanted to come back tomorrow.

And no, Vivi couldn't hold the seat down because she weighs as much as a can of soda/pop. So cute.

Um, of course we went to Target.

While we were in Ohio the ladies slept together.

It was quite novel at first.

This little iPhone pic below illustrates the calmer side of two sisters sleeping together.

Let's just say that there was a lot of, "YOU GUYS - GO TO SLEEP. I'M GOING TO TAKE AWAY [Petal/yourbaby/anythingthat you like] if you do not GO TO SLEEP NOW."

Ah, parenting.

Please look at the pure JOY on the girls' faces.

Ah, mall rides.

A couple of days before we left for home this happened. 

She got sick.

Look. She sleeps with her blankets on her head. Just like her Mommy.

Ah, sisters.

One smiles, one doesn't.
One is THRILLED, one is RAGING.

Lila smiled eventually, though...

Little Miss Green Eyes.

Vivi is super into her babies. On our way to the airport, in fact, we asked my brother to turn around because we left Vivi's doll at home.

That important, guys.

I love Vivi's morning face.

And, Lila loves her Daddy.

And Petal.

Of course our life is sprinkled with these moments. It's a myth that blogger's lives are perfect and full of happy moments that are artfully captured with the perfect light.


This is real life in our house. It's just too bad you couldn't hear it...

My babies.

My babies' pigs.

I love how Vivi's toes are tucked under Lila's leg. As they should be.

The many faces of Vivienne.

How sweet.
This is my 90-year-old Grandma with Lila. She's a cutie.

This is my parenting fail.

My aunt had a party. It was a swim/wet-kids party. Guess who didn't bring a swimsuit for her kids?


It worked out. There were tears. And then on the way home there was the, "WHY don't you just take a swimsuit with us all the time from now on?"

Duly noted, Lila.

This one wouldn't swim. She had more important things to do.

Later on at another party she wouldn't let go of her new monkey.

Vivi and Bennett.

Those eyes.

Those toes.

My mom visited us for a week. (She will hate that I'm showing this picture.) But it's cute and it's my blog and that's what she gets for the bowl-cut I had from nine to eleven years old.

More cuteness with Nana.

Kinda blurry - but awesome.

I really like this one, too. I like my Mom's smile in the background.

And here it is: the 2013 Vacation money shot.

This one is a pretty close second, though.

Whose child is this?


Every morning Vivienne ate TWO bowls of cinnamon life. (It's the best cereal there is and I'm sure it's incredibly healthy.)

And Lila ate chicken noodle soup. :)

Kidding, not every morning.

Sort of blurry, it's hard to capture this dancing queen.


We went too the Zoo(m) and we loved it. It was magical. And freezing.

Someone loved her first-ever carousel ride.

Someone else did not.

Waiting in line for the train. :)

I love these requisite zoo pictures of Lila.

Vivienne gave it a shot, too.

My big girls.

One of 'em is looking = success.

This was an awesome summer watching Lila. Our introverted, extremely shy little person opened up. She explored and she took part in some activities that she wasn't ready for in previous years.

Here she is climbing on playground equipment. I love the look in her eyes.

She just jumped in.

And she likes showing her sister the ropes.

Lila's teaching me that everything will happen... in her time.

That smile.

Because we all have this picture.

Why would they both look at the camera? And kudos to the Toledo Zoo for that soft-fake asphalt underneath that elephant.

It certainly wasn't there when I was a kid.

The girls love Papa's boat.

 Daddy and his girls.

Here is the one photo we have of our entire family from vacation.

Lila and her Mimi. The girls adore her.

This is Vivienne posing for me in downtown Toledo.

Ah, those clouds.

Still posing.

Her happy place.

Mimi and Lila.

Vivienne and her Daddy.

Lila and her cousin Micah. See any similarities?


And we decided we need a 4-wheeler.

The entire time they were drinking out of the same bottle they were laughing.


I love that they will never know a time without the other.

Piggy "tank" painting.

Another pic of Lila and her cousin, Micah.

You guys, it was a great trip.

It really was.

More pics are here.



  1. I have been waiting, waiting, waiting for these!

    I'm so glad you had a good time and I'm equally sad that we were not able to see you while you were here.

    Your girls are seriously FULL of cuteness. I can't wait to see how their bond and their personalities develop through the years. Sisters are so special.

    You look awesome. (As if you have ever looked anything but).

    I love the line about your bowl cut and your mom. Hahaha.

    Thank you for posting these!


    *Oh sisters*

    Such great pictures. I agree, your kids are full of cuteness, as well as personality!! Fantastic.

    It looks like you had a great summer vacation :-)

    I think my favorite has to be the one with your mom and your girls making those silly faces. LOVE.

    Thanks for sharing these....SO great!

  3. Toledo should pay your royalties for these photos. LOOK HOW MUCH FUN AND HOW GORGEOUS OHIO IS IN THE SUMMER!!

    Great to see you all. Miss and love you!


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