Current faves: BLUE edition

These are all items that are either blue or have blue packaging. Clever, no?

DISCLAIMER: I am not compensated or asked by any of these companies to endorse their products. I just like 'em and want to tell you about it.

:: Lancome's BI-FACIL - Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover. (Buy here.)

I was never one for eye makeup remover because my facewash seemed to do the job just fine. But, I'm using a new pigment-fading (allegedly) bar that you're not supposed to use on your eyelids so I've increased my participation in the eye makeup remover world for the past two months... and I love this stuff.

It truly removes all traces of stubborn mascara, shadow and liner and it smells lovely. It isn't too oily and isn't drying, either. Nor does it burn my eyeballs if I accidentally get it in my eye. (Which is a bonus.) I really like it. Check it out.

:: Moroccanoil Friz Control Spray

AH! You guys. First off, the Morroccanoil moisture repair shampoo and conditioner have changed my hair's life. (I know because my hair told me so.) I wrote about it here. TRY IT.

When I do utilize my hair dryer I spritz 3-4 squirts of this stuff on towel-dried hair and after it's dry my hair is GORGEOUS and silky and lovely and lacks frizz. (Note: over-use of the spray isn't good.) Holy wow, though. This stuff beats so many products I've tried. And, at the 3-4 squirt-per-use rate, I've determined that I will more than likely have this same bottle until Lila graduates from high school. So, it's worth the $33. Buy it here.
:: O.P.I. No room for the blues polish

I don't do nail polish on my fingers.
I would imagine that the last time I've worn something other than clear polish on my fingernails it was 1988 and I was also rocking L.A. Gears and a bowl cut.
Nail polish on my fingers just isn't me. (I do toenail polish.)
Then, on Sunday when Lila was giving me a "makeover" and then I her, I decided, what the heck - I'll do my nails. And, I'll do them a color that I've never been drawn to: BLUE.

BAM! Love this.

(Here's my hand, 4-days into my polish application. And yes, I moonlight as a hand model.)

The polish is available here on amazon. FUN.

:: Gillette Fusion Razor

Friends, countrywomen, I have been WASTING my life shaving with a Gillete venus ladies' razor. I've been missing the mark. I should have been using a Gillette Fusion Razor for MEN this whole time. (I have the one above but the battery is dead which is fine since I don't think I need a vibrating razor. Because that just seems like a little much.)

Holy wow though, this razor is always sharp! It seems that the venus razors would become dull far too quickly and I don't have that problem with the Fusion.

Do you use a women's shaver or a men's? What's your preference?

Buy a gillette fusion here.

This concludes my favorite blue products post.




  1. Totally with you on the just toes thing, but Im loving the blue fingernail polish, Im inspired to try it! I use the Venus razors too, I actually had the female "vibrating" version and have a funny story to go with it...My daughter was about 5 when they came out and we were at a picnic and Im not sure how the subject came up but she comes out with "Oh, my mom has this thing in the shower too and it has batteries and vibrates!" Um...yeah...trying to explain it was JUST A RAZOR?!! hoo boy.

  2. I rarely polish my fingernails. It chips off by the end of the day b/c I wash my hands so much!!

    I swear by Neutrogena make-up remover pads for my eye make-up. I need the pad man. :-)

    I have been using my hubby's razer since we got married!! So much better than womens - I agree!

    I love Moroccainoil too.

  3. I'm gonna try the Moroccanoil Friz Control Spray! Thanks. Another secret...if you get build-up, wash with Dawn. Yes, Dawn dish soap. I tried it once, so far, and it worked WONDERS. I'm thinking it will be a once a month thing.

  4. I currently have that blue polish on my toes! I am too much of a perfectionist and have never been able to paint my own nails. I can paint the girls' nails pretty good though!

    I use a woman's razor except when I don't have one in the shower and I grab my husband's tee hee! I've noticed lately that the three or more blade razors don't give me a close shave - I bought generic two blade razors and they are up to snuff.

  5. love O.P.I. nail polish and adore the blue! i have slightly more teal color on my toes. i love nail polish on my finger nails but hate how quickly it chips off.

    yes, a mans razor is the best!!! i realized it by accident a couple years ago when i needed one and mine was dull. used terrys and i was shocked! how can mens razors stay sharp for so long?! they just work so much better. i still have a venus because of my sensitive skin, but also have my own blade for terrys razor! :-)

  6. That eye makeup remover is incredible. Concur.


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