Yes, I needed this.

6/18/2013 04:08:00 AM
I'm not a huge fan of clutter.

I mean, when you have these two that can do this in 40 seconds, it's not like you need more dust collectors.

But this little tiny mushroom?

I needed it.

I mean, you GUYS.

It's decorative AND it's a shaker. A dual-purpose item?

I shall fill it Flax chia seeds.

[stops writing post to go fill small mushroom shaker with flax chia seeds]

I did.


It's true. Sometimes I like random things.



  1. I love that! Very good purchase.

    Question, what do you use flax seed for? I am seeing it all over Pinterst and googled it and saw that it has lots of health benefits, but I have just been unsure as to what to really use it for.

    Also, i love that you posted the picture of your floor covered in flash cards. That is my house as well, minus one child and replace dogs with cats :-)

    How can they cause SO much clutter in seconds?!?! I was putting Henry to bed last night and all I did was get his medicine from the bathroom and when I went back into the bedroom there were about 15 stuffed animals strewn all over the bedroom and EVERY book he owns was in a pile and he was laying on them.

    Silly kids.

  2. I have a serious addiction to little toadstool mushrooms and sometimes gnomes too. I love it.

    I did everything I could not to purchase a felt toadstool mushroom from a cute little giftshop last week that hangs in your tree as a birdhouse. I'm still considering going back to get it. I took a picture of it with my phone and keep eyeing it longingly :)

  3. Those look like chia seeds :)


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