To my Baby Daddy

6/16/2013 04:08:00 AM
Dear Sweet Craig,

I've loved for you quite some time...

Then, on Father's Day in 2009 something changed... that little lady on the left was born.

...and the love I have for you got bigger.

You weren't just Craig. You were Daddy.

You glided into that role with a confidence.

Never, not once, coud I ever complain about your presence or your involvement in your girls' lives.

You're here, shaping them with me.
Loving them.
Teaching them what a man is supposed to be like.

And they're teaching you a few things, too. :)

They're happy kids because we're happy.

They're happy kids because they're loved.

They're happy kids because they know that their Daddy can "fisk" anything.

You're doing an incredible job.

You are BEYOND loved by me... and perhaps more importantly today, by them.

Until that one day when they have blogs of their own (I can hope, can't I?), we'll use mine to communicate to you:

Happy Father's Day Daddy's Day, sweet man.

We love you.


From Lila (6 days until she turns 4)

Line 1: Lila Daddy
Line 2: I love You

From left the drawings are: A cake, a jewelry box, a bunny and I'm not sure the final thing.

Also from Lila,

From Vivienne 2.5 years old.

The inside of Vivi's card. She's super in to dots right now. :)



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