This will scare you. Subtitle: Wear sunscreen.

6/04/2013 08:13:00 PM
Currently waiting for my bangs to grow out. 

This is me.
I'm 33 years old.
I'm going to be 34 in August.
I've lived much closer to the sun for the past seven years than I had for first nearly 26 years of my life.
When I arrived in Cabo I whittled away my free time doing what many of my midwestern friends did: I sunbathed.

From my "Move to Mexico blog"

Oh, I loved the sun. I literally woke up and parked it at my sister's pool for the entire weekend.

Then after a semi-subtle verbal intervention from said sister and after noticing many age spots on my skin, I chilled out on that.

This is me the day I arrived in Cabo. Just off the plane. July 2006? Sans age spots

Fast-forward almost seven years and I wear 70 SPF sunscreen under my tinted moisturizer with SPF 20 all day, every day. I wear a wide-brimmed hat in the sun, too.

I don't lay out. I don't think I've actively laid in the sun since 2010?

I'm all over anti-aging.

Still, I have this stuff on my face. It's not overwhelmingly visible to someone 3 feet away from me... but post-children... it's just there. It's called melasma.

Basically, it's what I lovingly call, my mustache.

No, I'm fortunate enough to not have actual hair above my lip, but I have darker pigmentation and discoloration there. It's often times caused by hormones and pregnancy, but it's also been tied to genetics and I've learned that the sun does not help the situation.

So, I went here, per my sister's recommendation, to get this situation handled. I was hoping they'd just laser it off, but no.

The first step was to get a Visia analysis. Have you seen this? It's this.

You put your face in this white box with lights and mirrors in it and a lovely tech takes INCREDIBLY close, incredibly clear pictures of your face that then appear on a far-too-large computer screen to be analyzed.

TOTALLY disconcerting.

And then I saw this.

This is my sun damage.

So yeah, wear your sunscreen.




  1. Frightening!! I have avoided the sun on my face, but I'm sure I have the same thing. YIKES!~

  2. YIPES. I have never been a sun-lover, luckily. I think I need to invest in a wide hat this year though.

  3. Wow, that is weird to see all the spots under that thing. This is a stupid question, but what does sun damage even mean?! I have never seen those spots on your face. Are they under your skin? Permanent?

    This is all interesting.

    I have been saying for years I need to start protecting my skin and I never do. But I NEED too. I don't wear moisturizer or sunscreen at all (actually nothing is on my face). And I don't even wash it every day (I am so gross)....I can only imagine what my face would look like under one of those things!! Good thing I am part vampire and avoid the sun as much as possible, but still! :)

    What kind of sunscreen do you use on your face? I need to get some lotion for the day, though I am so lame about this stuff I don't even know what KIND of skin type I am, let alone what products to get.

    Oh the days of going to the tanning bed ALL the time during college so I could have that nice fake glow....yep, regretting that now that I am older.

    P.S. Your bangs don't look as bad as what you hinted at!! I think bangs look really good on you. I know when mine were too short I hated it, I preferred the longer ones on me. Luckily in a couple weeks they were longer! Also, I am loving your overall hair style and color.

  4. I hate that the sun is bad for you. If we hear that spray tans are bad for you too, I will cry!

  5. OMG! Had an age spot conversation with Andrew just last night. I'm getting them everywhere. Time to buy some 70 here in Michigan. :(

    Would love to know your next steps...

  6. due to your consistent SPF application/wear, i assume that your "under the crazy weird light" photos are better than some other people would have it...but still. it's crazy. don't get mad, but when i was reading the post and the photos were only showing your forehead, it looked like the topic was switching to Melba toast - i thought your forehead was Melba toast...and you were going to give us a cheese recipe or something. ; )

    i know, i'm a weirdo. but thanks for the PSA and thanks for enlightening us on the responsibility we have to wear that SPF all the time.

    love, Miss


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