The final countdown.

6/26/2013 08:15:00 AM

Oh friends, blogging is at a minimum this week because, well - we leave for the States on Friday morning. (!!!)

I'm beyond excited for this vacation. Why? Last year was not a vacation. It was all of us sick. All of the time. Then Lila got her tonsils out and that was 3 weeks of blech.


We will REST!
We will RELAX!
We will NOT RUSH AROUND from place to place seeing everyone that we have ever met.
I will not feel GUILT!
We will fly by the SEAM of our pantses and make plans when we feel like it!
Come hell or high water, I will MAKE.THIS.A.VACATION.

I know that people will be disappointed in me, or worst yet - be angry or hurt that I didn't see them, but please know that I will do the best I can. This is our vacation and vacations are not meant to be spent in the car driving from visiting place to visiting place. Come to Cabo - see us here. 

For the first week I'll be laying low. I'll make plans starting the week of the 8th. I'm thinking about taking a social media break, too. I'm sure I'll be blogging, but a bit more sporadically. Facebook - nope. Instagram - maybe!

If you need me, call me or text me! :)


Yes, the irony that I cannot WAIT to leave this incredible vacation paradise and go to the States is not lost on me.

If you lived here, you'd feel the same way, I bet.




  1. You could always inform some important people of your plans and they can meet you wherever you are going for the day. But only if you want to. Have fun and don't feel guilty :)

  2. WOOHOO!!

    I actually enjoyed being out of touch for 10 days. I still posted a picture on instagram here and there, but as we had n wifi we were sort of forced to be off our phones. And honestly, it was forced at all...I wouldn't have been on anyway and loved being away from social media.

    And NO, you should not feel guilty or made to feel guilty.


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