So we found a coconut.

You pretty much knew going into this post that it was going to be radically interesting reading, no?

I mean you were probably stunned: "THEY FOUND A COCONUT?!?!?!"

Not a shocker. I understand. I get it.

BUT, this coconut was different.

It was big.

For scale: The Coconut versus my iphone 4s.

Yes, according to Vivi when she saw it she was so floored that she exclaimed,  "That's a BIG coconut."

For scale. And nutrition note: the girls see the value in probiotic yogurt drinks.

The coconut was so big that when we went out to dinner the same night that Vivienne discovered the coconut, Vivi didn't talk to our friends for about an hour. (I assumed she was stunned by the size of the coconut.) And when she finally did speak, she looked across the table and ever so quietly said, "Um... I found a big coconut. At my house."


Other coconuts we've encountered have been much, much smaller.

This one was so big that we had to bring it in to our home after we, of course, all threw it on the concrete over and over again in a weak attempt to break it open. (I think we needed a machete. But for some reason teaching the girls to wield a machete during toddlerhood seemed odd. Even for Mexico where on Monday I saw a man driving a red pickup truck with his toddler on his lap. DRIVING A CAR WITH A CHILD ON HIS LAP. I digress.)

This is a very blurry picture of Lila attempting to carry it.

That's a lot to carry when you weight 33 lbs.

Yep. I weighed it.

Of course, after bringing it in they had to play near it.

And pose by it.

And sit on it.

We all like it.

I mean, that's a big coconut.



  1. It's like you found a new pet!! You are too young to remember, but in the 80's there was a fad for "pet rocks". You have a pet coconut. ;-)

  2. This post is hilarious!!! Had to read it a second time...STILL laughing! Are we going to get coconut updates?! LOL

  3. Hmm... new product development idea? "Every child needs a coconut" ;)


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