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6/12/2013 04:08:00 AM
I think I'm going to start pronouncing all "j" words with a "y" sound.

Example: While I love my yob, I'd prefer to yoke about all day.

I just think that would be fun.

(Yes, this is what I think about.)


I also think about food all.of.the.time. It's weird.

I hate salads.


Regarding shopping, I ordered some stuff for the ladies from Tea Collection and a dress I bought for Vivi lost its elastic after one washing. Of course I sent an email and they responded to me in LESS than a day and already offered to mail a replacement or give me a store credit. Good peeps. ADORABLE clothes that seriously all wash up well. (That dress was a lemon.) Buy from them.


Also about Vivi, I want to ANNOUNCE to all of you that my CHILD has given up her chups. (Pacifiers.)

Here she the morning after Night #1 Without A Pacifier. She woke up early and slept on the couch while I did Insanity. Bless her heart. She was exhausted from the SCREAMING* the night before.

This two-and-a-half-year-old who every night had rubbed a pacifier on her head, had one in her mouth and then rubbed her feet on a few pacifiers at night and at nap time -- has now stopped.

Tuesday was Day #3 of cold-turkey pacifier detox and she didn't.even.cry. at night.

Positive momentum in our house, guys. Positive momentum.


*Of course I feel badly about taking away Vivi Cake's pacifiers. But our dental surgeon friend recommended that pacifier usage ceases at 2 years of age. The tongue needs to be on the top of the palette, not the pacifier. I can handle some crying now versus hefty [inevitable, I'm sure] orthodontic bills later.



  1. I was reading back through old blog posts and I remember it was hell to get Keira to give up her 2 bottles a night habit. I think she was still doing this at 2!!!

    Finally we had to let her scream it out. Hang in there mama! Not fun.

  2. Your randomness makes me smile.

    I totally think you should pronounce all "j" words with a "y" sound. I would find that hilarious. I try doing random stuff like that at work, most of the time people don't get me....I think I am hilarious though and they are just lacking a sense of humor.

    I like salads, but the good salads are probably not all that healthy for me and defeat the point of eating salads!

    YAY for Vivi!!! That is awesome :)

  3. Go, Vivi!

    We weaned Em from her pacis at 18 months when her pedi said it's harder to wean the older they get. Thankfully it ended up being harder on us than her. One night of protesting is all it took.

    1. Whew! That is AWESOME! We were one week on Sunday night (last night) and she went to bed without tears! WAH-WHO! (light at the end of the tunnel.)


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