Lila's 4th Birthday Recap.

6/23/2013 08:27:00 PM
Well, she turned 4 on Friday.

And she choose to wear her Rapunzel dress to school because when it's your birthday you can wear whatever you choose.

(And I secretly like it that she chose New Balance tennis shoes and yellow socks with the gown, too.)

Of course a tiara and magic wand completed the outfit. (iphone pic. Not great.)

I love her.

So Friday night was her birthday party. It was a Sophia the First theme.

I'd love to say that I did the balloons and that cupcake tree and all of the other decor, but I did not. I had some help.

Nope, didn't do any of this on our back patio either. However, I did toss some candy on the tables and put down that bowl of goldfish crackers on the mini table.

Cute, no?

Here's the backyard.

How awesome are the tables that Craig painted? (Why didn't I take a "before" picture?) LOVE them.

My four-year-old wearing her Sophia headband and tiara and necklace.

That's her on the top, under the pretzel.

And, I didn't do this either.

How amazing is this cake by Lila's Aunt B.? INCREDIBLE. Um, the roses? The best part? It tasted SO GOOD.

Right before the Happy Birthday singing...

Wishes made...

I love that smile...

A slightly awkward photo of us. I'm lifting her up and it was about 90 degrees. :)

Apparently the first bite of cake was so incredible that she had to toss her head back.

Vivienne liked the cake, too. (The curls!!!)

Vivi brought her baby to the party...

TOTAL fun.

When did she turn 8? Doesn't she look older than 4 here? Oy.

Vivi totally can hang with the big kids.

Then, after everyone left Lila had a special hug with her Aunt T.

She's super-tired here, but here she is wearing an OFFICIAL Sophia the First gown. Whoa.

She opened the Sophia doll and then was sleeping within 20 minutes... it was a GREAT birthday.

The morning after this was happening...

Sweet girl was very, very content and so thankful for all of her new and fun gifts.

AND, on Wednesday of this past week we did a party at Lila's school. It's what they all do. Bunch of kids. Photoboard of Lila pics to share with her class. Lunch for all of them. Cupcakes. The end.

Obligatory angled cupcake shot.

We arrived with our helper to get the party started.

And then we set up...

The party took place on the second-floor roof-top, open-air classroom at Lila's school. It was 300 degrees but there was a SLIGHT breeze we were so thankful for!

Next, we hung out in Lila's classroom and talked about the day Lila was born. She was clearly very comfortable with it.

Sweet girl.

Wearing her birthday crown.

Then all of the kids hug her and wish her a happy birthday.

Next up, lunch time!

A SUPER-TIGHT hug headlock for her sister...


Happy girl

She was so pleased to celebrate. And, there was nuggets and ketchup for lunch and what preschooler doesn't love ketchup?


Singing to Lila...

And that was it!



  1. Holy cow!! What a great B-day! Love the Sophia theme. OK you guys have a HUGE backyard. I am so jealous. I'm trying to plan Keira's 4th bday party, and our yard is the size of a postage stamp. No room for a bouncy house. I'm going squeeze a kiddie pool back there and hope it's good enough.

  2. I truly cannot believe she is 4.

    LOVED it was all things princess. The party looked PERFECT. (the cake was awesome)

    And you can see the pure JOY in every photo with Lila. So awesome. So sweet.

    This is a birthday she will remember for sure!!

    Happy Birthday, Lila!


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