Ladies Lunes: WHAT? Lila's ALMOST FOUR?

It's Monday. (Or, Lunes is Español.) It's time to write about my ladies.

This used to be a weekly feature on the 'ole blog, but then life got CRAZY.
So, here we are - touching base.

I'm trying to use my big camera more often again because I'm taking far too many iPhone pictures and quite frankly, that's not the way life is supposed to be.

So, let's dig in, shall we?

This is Vivienne.
She's two.
She talks a ton.
And she's small.

Me: "Viv, you are such peanut."
Her: "No!!!! I am not a peanut, I am a DONUT."

Right on.

Look at those bangs.
We're twins.

One day she will kill me for posting this picture.

But, this is Lila.
She's so quiet and shy and introverted, blah, blah, blah.
And then you get this. The CRAZY WOMAN who makes silly faces and screams RIDICULOUSLY LOUDLY. (She has no internal measure of volume.)

Lila adores her Uncle Bry and she loves dancing and long walks on the beach. (Tee hee.)

No seriously, though - she actually cried last week when I told her that either I or Craig were taking her to school. We had to call Uncle Bry at 7:15 a.m. to see if he could swing by and pick her up when he took her cousins to school.

I called my brother that early and he was all, "It's kind of early to be calling me..."

Then he heard her voice and he was all cotton candy, "Hi sweet girl, do you want me to pick you up for school?"


Vivienne Kate is so aptly called, "Vivi." This child is spirited and funny and always running, never falling and ALWAYS wearing socks and shoes. She's anything but the formal, "Vivienne..."

She's not a dress and skirt fan. I actually had to stow away hide her leggings and pants because she kept putting them on when it's 90 degrees.

She's been IRATE about those "lost" pants for about a week now.

Look. They sort of look like they get along.

And they also look nothing alike.

This picture is so them:

Lila: dress, sandals (no socks), hair in pig tails.

Vivi:  Leggings, socks AND shoes, absolutely NOTHING in her hair.

Exactly as they should be: nothing alike.

Lila takes care of her sister.
Whenever she attempts to do this, though - she's always welcomed by a: "LILA, GET AWAY FROM ME. I NO WANT YOU, I WANT MY MOMMY. LILA GO."

Still, Lila kisses her.

Oh, Lila.

You will be rewarded in heaven.

But see, this little crazy-haired lady was put on this planet to

She's funny and she knows it.

I fear the future.

I think what I love most about this age is the wonderment.
The discovery of all of the new experiences.
Each time Vivi opens her very special jewelry box she's in awe of the ballerina...

...until she stops dancing and she ABSOLUTELY FREAKS OUT and starts un-screwing the winder-upper-thing on the back of the box while yelling, "It's no working! It's no working! IT'S NO WORKING!!!!!!"

You see, as a Mom I've learned that each wonder-filled moment of beauty is quickly followed by a kid losing their mind.

Ah, the yin and yang of motherhood.

See that sock in the bottom corner of this picture?

Vivi wakes us up every morning and brings us her socks and says, "My socks are not working! I need help! I need help!"


AT 6:15 a.m. she feels an urgency to wear socks. It's nearly 100 degrees here.

She's so weird.

But UGH... look at those little fingers. SHE's so cute.

And speaking of clever... there's this.

I mean, I've always said that scooters are just missing something...

I mean, someone, somewhere needs to invent a SCOOTER with a seat.

Oh wait...

Clearly this little lady likes to do things her way.

And her way includes eating nothing we want her to eat.

Take for instance this carrot.
It took her over 30 minutes to eat it. Lila and I left and went to the grocery store and she had just finished eating it.



She's two.

Who wants to forecast our teenage future with Vivi?

We do allow screen-time for our kiddos but usually it's only on weekends... or when we simply can no longer absorb their voices.


This is before she noticed I grabbed my camera...

(Note the socks.)

...and this is after she noticed that I grabbed my camera.


Really? That's your "pretty face"?

So Lila has this cousin, Bella.

To Lila, Bella is amazing.
We often times tell Lila that Bella does something so that she'll do it, too. (Whatever works.)

When they're together I cannot help but smile because there's something INCREDIBLE about watching the next generation bond.

I'm serious.

As my brother said, they make one another come alive.

Bella looks adorable.
Sweet Lila looks... slightly awkward. (She gets that from me.)

So while Bella was over last week there was some interpretive dancing ballet happening.

It was... in a word, INCREDIBLE.

Here are some still shots.

Then Vivienne joined.

With ballet shoes.

Then with ballet shoes, Snow White wand and Snow White headband.

I think you need to watch the video. You won't be sorry.

That nose.

As I mentioned earlier, this one has some attitude.

She's super in to the red carpet, hand-on-the-hip look these days.

She's heard it's slimming.

She's all, "I look smashing while I'm carrying my sand shovel and Snow White headband."

[shaking head]

And then there this one.

She lives to throw parties.
Parties that are planned from start to finish.
Right now she's making a birthday cake (with mangoes from our tree) and "birthday candles."

So this happens every morning.

These two wake up and break their fast together.

It's hilarious. And involves constant talking.

They chat and laugh and argue over who is going to get the purple cup and the hippo placemat, but they ultimately are just...making memories.

I sort of love it.

Vivi's a Mama's girl. There's really no other way to look at it.

Ask Craig.

But there are these moments...

...when both of them just don't move.

So with Lila's there's a lightness...

...she waits and then BAM! She let's go and she just.can't.stop. and I love that about her.

Here she is dancing. There's always dancing.


And notice that dress? There's always dresses. Lila's offended if you make her wear pants or shorts.

She's a dress-wearing-girly-girl. For sure.

Please note Michael Buble in the background.

Not matter what she says, she still likes him...

I love that smile.

I'm over those stars above my T.V., but I love that smile.

Portraiture, toddler-style.

See those wisps of hair? She keeps asking me to "cut her bangs" but I just can't do it. Instead, I like for them to float in her eyes throughout the day. [Sarcasm.] They'll grow one day and she'll thank me that I didn't cut them into bangs.

You're welcome.


YES, she's 2.5 years old and she still has pacifiers in her bed when she naps and sleeps.
Sue me.

The thing is, I want her to remain a baby for as long as possible and if she wants pacifiers, that's fine.

They'll go away one day, until then -- sleep Baby Huffington* and use that pacifier.


*Vivi has asked that we call her "Baby Huffington" from Max & Ruby. Apparently that name has resonated with her. "Baby Huffington" it is.

See that smile? That waking-up-smile?

Oh, I love just-waking-up babies. So does Ferg.

(Vivi is our dog lover. She hugs Ferg and attempts to ride Millie. Which is awkward...)

So one of the great things about living in Mexico is courtyards.

Courtyards make it ok to paint in your under wear.

And Lila? She paints


On Sunday I was invited to a tea party in Lila's room.

It was a birthday party for one of her dolls.

The guests were Petal the bunny (napkin on her lap ) and "Baby" (the doll) and "Kylee" the other cupcake doll.

Lila's super-big in to calling me "Kylee" and "Aunt Kylee."

It's annoying, but she thinks it's who-larious. And because she finds it so taboo, I make it seem as if it is, too.

Ah, parenting.

But seriously, I'm your Mommy. Stop calling me Kylee.

I have no idea what she was doing here, but I love her.

I just love this kind, sweet, soul so, so, so much.

After our cake we obviously needed more tea.

That smile.

Then it was time to "decorate cookies."

I love how she has EVERY cupboard door open.

She's me.

Ferg was present for the party, too.
However, we don't think she saw anything because her hair is ridiculously long. (Haircut on Tuesday.)

I have no idea where her eyes are.

Next our hostess passed out "cookies" for each of us to "decorate."

She gave Petal a pink petit four then she started decorating her cookie. :)

Here she is all decorated. :)

Here's mine. :) Two butterflies and a dress.

The other participants.

The artist fast at work. Again.

Oh, this sweet girl.
My sweet soul will be four in less than 18 days.


Have a great week, amigos.



  1. "You see, as a Mom I've learned that each wonder-filled moment of beauty is quickly followed by a kid losing their mind."

    Best, and most true, statement. You see, our life is very rarely all fun and games. Life is chaotic and crazy. So, yesterday, I had this grand plan to take the kids to a festival. "They are going to LOVE IT!" Right? Well, they did. They did. Until it was time to leave. They all LOST THEIR MINDS. I have 3 kids, I should KNOW this, right? Well, I was not emotionally prepared. Guess what? Mama lost it too! Ugh. So much planning and energy put into a fun day, to end with tantrums x 1,000. I was so bummed. Cried right along with them.

    Too bad I didn't read this yesterday. Ha.

    Your L and V remind me SO much of my S and E. So much. Total it should be. Yet, they just 'fit' together. Don't you notice that? I love it.

    1. HUGS!! Meltdowns are the worst and suck after such a wonderful time :( Sunday we left a graduation party and Henry was waving bye to everyone and happy until we opened the car door and it opened a flood of screams and tears and fighting to be put into his car seat!!

  2. i can almost hear Lila's giggles and Vivi's "it's NO working!" when i read these words. what lovely pictures and words, my friend. i love you and your ladies and miss you very much!
    much love,

  3. Oh Kylee, I love EVERY thing about this post. And yet, it makes me a little sad to see them looking so much older....these kids grow SO FREAK'N FAST! And Lila will be FOUR. Oh my goodness, it doesn't seem possible.

    I have been questioning the second child thing. I like having one, can do stuff just the two of us. But when I see the interaction between siblings (even in the videos I watched where Vivi goes off crying because she wants to "ballet" and it is Lila's turn - HAHA), yep even those make me smile at the idea of siblings.

    So many wonderful pictures in this post. Just LOVE them all!! And that last picture of your almost 4 year old....sweet. SO incredibly sweet. And vivi's pretty face is PRICELESS.

    (When Henry started freaking out because he wanted my camera I stopped taking pictures with my camera and just used my phone because most of the pictures were of him running towards me or of the top of his head or arms. I am trying to use my "real" camera more!!)


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