June 6th is killing it.

6/06/2013 08:04:00 PM
This was on my tear-away-a -day calendar this morning and I was so pleased.

Baby Vivi. Lounging. Smiling. Be still my heart.


I absolutely love this calendar. (GREAT GIFT, HUSBAND.) So much so, that I've yet to throw away ONE of the days.

I just can't.

If you're on Instagram (Follow me, I'm TwoPretzels) and also, buy one of these cute calendars. Check them out here. They're by Prinstagram. I enjoy their Social Print Studio website. Those silly hipsters.

Anywho, the calendar comes in very sturdy small box.

And you can store all of the days of the year that you refuse to throw away in it. You know, because you need more stuff to save.

And, while you're buying stuff that you probably don't need, buy a few of these little books here.

I believe they're 3 for $10.

They're super small.

And who doesn't love miniature things? Heartless-puppy-haters, that's who.

And the icing on the cake?

Um, they're magnetic.

And yes, that' Lila wearing margarita glasses.

You're welcome.



  1. Um, I think those are Tequila shot glasses.



  2. I had never heard of this before! I checked it out and think I am going to have to do that at Christmas time!! Great idea.

    And GREAT photos :)

  3. This is awesome! recently I just tired touchingprints to make DIY. Their service of printing instagram and facebook are pretty cool, check this out: www.touchingprints.com


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