Drowning in a Sea of To Do Lists

Not that any of you care, per se, but I'm living out my life right now with the direct assistance of my various To Do Lists.

You see, we're gearing up for our annual trip AWAY from Cabo.
The To Do List is growing...

1. Work is insane. When I say insane, I mean insane. INSANE. Leaving work for a month is never easy.
2. Lila has a Father's Day presentation at school tomorrow. She is going to say her "rima" in their elocution exercises. Or something. I'm excited because we ALL know the rima: "En esta ramito de flores de olor, guardo muy dentro, tu corazon. Gracias."
3. Father's Day on Sunday.
4. Lila has a parent teacher conference on Tuesday.
5. Lila has her school birthday party on Wednesday. (I bring lunch for 30 kids, drinks, cupcakes and gifts and decorate AND take a poster board of her life story.)
6. Lila's REAL birthday is on Friday.
7. Lila's birthday party is on Friday night.

...and then... less than a week after that we.are.out.of.here.

THE FINAL countdown, ya'll.

15 days.

So, if I'm not writing a lot it's because... well, I'm treading water...

Like this SUPER swimmer.

...and her tag-a-long.



  1. UGH.

    I hear you on this.

    I feel like the older I get, the worse it gets. I can't blame it all on having a child either. Do we just commit to more or stretch ourselves too much?! Who knows, but it sucks.

    I am getting ready to leave work for 6 days for a vacation (woohoo!)and that is stressful enough for me. Let alone an entire MONTH. Crazy. (but it does make me happy you are coming up!!)

    And you have to do all that for a kids birthday?! What up, Mexico?! What ever happened to just bringing in some cookies and singing happy birthday?!

    I can't believe Lila's birthday is next week!! She is getting so old. Where does the time go. I love that picture of her, she looks so proud!

    Hang in there and good luck with everything!! Not that I can do much from here, but let me know if you need anything ;-)

    1. I hope you're getting all of your stuff together. And you're so right, the To Do lists increase as we get older. :)

      Can't wait to see you!!!

  2. hang in there, friend. you GOT this. and your time away from the office insanity? it will be SO worth it.

    1. You are SO RIGHT. Thanks, friend. (The recent pics of your little cutie on FB are ADORBS!)

  3. Like that poster with the kitten, hang in there baby!
    See you soon :)

    1. Seriously. That cat. That makes me smile. WE ALL know that cat.


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