Very important "news"

5/14/2013 08:19:00 PM
I'm disappointed that Bill Hader is leaving SNL. I know, I know, "Saturday Night Live is horrible... and dated... and old..." [NO.] But see? My Dad liked SNL and I always watch it because he did.

I'm loyal.

Stefon is leaving. This saddens me.

Conversely, I'm so pleased that Seth Meyers (head writer) on SNL is taking Jimmy Fallon's old gig. I might have a slight crush on Seth.

I might.

This pleases me.

So they keep saying that Beyonce might be pregnant again. I hope Beyonce is. Why? I don't know. Because I just do.

That's all from my world of VERY IMPORTANT news.


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  1. Oh, this saddens me too! I love Bill...I actually have a crush on him :) and Stefon....Oh he is wonderful!

    Seth is adorable. I am hear about this.

    I like Beyonce.


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