Um, great idea.

5/28/2013 07:55:00 AM
Lila's birthday is coming up. (She'll be 17.)

Here in Cabo there are exactly three or so different themes that are sold at our local stores: Hello Kitty, and two other ones I forget. (My memory is amazing.)

So I'm trolling through Pinterest for kids' party ideas and stumbled across this food theme.


Feed your kid sweating hot dog octupusses sitting in a sea of goldfish and bath beads.

Grossst thing I've ever seen.

I will not post a link to this because it's disgusting. But if you want to find it on pinterest so you can make this for your kid's next party, just look up "Great Goldfish Party Supplies#Kids #Party #BirthdayExpress".



  1. That is so horrible... but I cannot stop laughing. Seriously, who comes up with that?

  2. eeewwww, that is absolutely disgusting!!

  3. You made me smile...and think to myself...yep now I have seen everything?


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