Quail no! Fancy eating shame spiral.

5/30/2013 09:07:00 PM
On Wednesday night the husband and I went out to dinner here with his clients that I had never met before.

We arrived early and ordered a couple of drinks - the bartender made some sort of pineapple, tamarindo martini for me and some sort of habanero martini for Craig. Delicious.

The clients arrive - we decide to sit outside.

Menus are handed out - the waiter explains we can order from the menu or do the chef's choice/wine pairing.

Now, please keep in mind that I was a meatless eater for eight years. (We started eating meat again when I was trying to get pregnant for Lila... I was grasping at straws and we wondered if eating meat would have somehow helped me get pregnant.)

As far as adventurous eating goes, I've had mussels and snails and oysters.
I have not eaten any sort of insects, innards of animals or lamb chops. I cannot handle pulling apart chicken or stuffing turkeys.

I just cannot.

So, we all decided to do the chef's choice/wine pairing.

"Do any of you have any dietary restrictions?"


Only later did I realize that my dietary restrictions are more emotional than physical.

You guys.

The dinner started out with quail.

It was the teeniest, tiniest little small bones I have ever seen on a "piece of meat."

And I ate it.

I ate this.

You guys.

And I ate duck.

I seriously, 24 hours later, feel like I need to repent.

Never, never again.

I cannot do that again.

I just can't.

I got into the car and told Craig that I will never do that again.

I wanted to throw up post-dinner, however the idea of seeing teeny tiny bird meat for the second time wasn't too thrilling, so I just went to bed.

You guys:




  1. OH KYLEE!!! :(

    I have to say I am more of an adventurous eater, however I would still feel similarly when it comes to eating quail. It does just seem so teeny, tiny. I have never tried it.

    And I also hate poultry when it has bones in it. When my sister use to live with me I would make her take the meat off those rotisserie chickens you get from the store. I have a story about one of those chickens when I had to do it myself. You are in too much of a fragile state, but lets say by the end I was crying!

    My parents made duck and I ate that once for Christmas dinner. Never again. I told them I would try it, but I just kept picturing a duck. I am OK eating meat, but I don't want that visual.

    It is ironic that you ate a bird, considering your history and dislike of birds :-)

    I concur, no more chef specials. I like to know what I am eating and not be surprised!!

    What did C. think?

  2. The food was amazing!



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