...On life.

I'm working on being in a better mood because lately I've been off my game.

There's value in being truthful on the 'ole blog because life is life and it's not always pretty instagram photos and happy status updates.

It's not always smiling, happy children and perfect meals.

Sometimes, life is annoying.
Sometimes your bangs get cut too short and you look like a cross between an 8-year-old and a Beatle.
Sometimes your clothes get accidently shrunk in the dryer.
Sometimes the day-in, day-out monotony gets to you.

And this is all ok to talk about because it doesn't mean I'm not grateful.
It doesn't mean that I don't love my sweet little family.
It just simply means that sometimes life is ...eh.

It's not horrible, but not overwhelmingly awe-inspiring either; what with the ear infections, meetings, doctor's appointments, oil changes, lack of sleep, whining toddlers who break eggs while sitting in the cart grocery shopping and don't tell me about it until it's far, far too late...

The egg squisher. GUILTY.

So yeah. Life isn't always rainbows and butterflies for everyone all.of.the.time.

And well, maybe it's better that way because it makes us appreciate the incredible moments that much more.

And let's be honest, there really are so many of those moments.

Ice cream Friday. Look. Lila looks 8.

Crazy sisters posing.

Bonding with Daddy.

Sweet, sweet faces. Ah, cousins.

Cupcake eating cousins

Cousin peek-a-boo. 


This is such a good reason to choose happy.

This is, too.

Here's to a better week.



  1. Hope you have a great week. Nice reminder to us all. Those little girls of your are beautiful!!! If we could get a little of that sunshine you have, my week would probably be great!

  2. This is beautiful and honest and I did read this post reading the post above it. In the events of OK, it is still ever so important to be real and honest and true to your insides. The world is "brutiful" and everyone's fight is different and challenging and hard. Additionally, this was your reality in the moment, never apologize for that, life always has a way of putting things into perspective.

    And your girls... Those leg warmers in 95 degree weather. Lila in her beautiful dress full of personality. I just eeeeekkkk over it!

  3. I'm not going to ignore this post, because when I read it, I had so much respect for you. These pictures are honest and beautiful. We need to remember these real moments - sad, happy, angry, frustrated - during times of tragedy, especially.

    I can't watch the news. It's just too much. I can't sleep at night. But when I see the images above, I am happy.

  4. I agree, not going to ignore this post either because these are posts that so many of us can relate to and that we want to talk about but we don't always.

    Ky, I read this post and shook my head YES through all of it.

    I can relate....OH how I can relate.

    I have been feeling so off. Between work and stuff with Henry and Terry I am just not ME.

    And I just posted today about our things with Henry and talking and hitting and frustration. I just feel so overwhelmed and being pulled and blah.

    Last night I cried. I was trying to read him the book "I Love You Stinky Face" and I cried through it. It is a book called I love you STINKY FACE and I cried. WTF.

    I love him and my family SO much, but sometimes I just feel OFF.

    But you are right, I think you appreciate those special moments so much more. And I also think it is OK to feel "eh" with things. It isn't bad, it just IS.

    I hope your week gets better. HUGS to you my friend.

    And your girls...Oh how I just smile at these pictures. They are such a great reason to be happy!!


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