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5/14/2013 04:08:00 AM
**In the spirit of full disclosure, I received this product free.

A while back I received a Klout Perk that I've never written about. I don't write about the free stuff I get unless I like it. OR hate it. This falls into the like category.

Until now, I've been really happy with this temporal artery model. (See above.)  I've always been kind of awkward with it though and literally must stand behind my toddler to get it to gracefully float across the forehead. This thermometer is accurate and has been our favorite for a while. (And you know how often Lila is sick.)  The not cool part, though? If their heads are at all sweaty or clammy,there's trouble. It skips awkwardly and I have to take their temp like 4 times just to feel comfortable.

Enter the Vicks behind-the-ear Gentle Touch Thermometer.

1. It's fool-proof. Read the directions once, you've got it.

2. Yes, as some of the online reviews complain, you do have to put the thermometer in the right location in order to get it to work. However, I'd rather find the right location and place the thermometer there for one second than roll my other thermometer over sweaty foreheads 6 times in the dark.

3. The display is backlit and lights up green (normal tempt), yellow (beware), red (fever).

4. I used the reading from this thermometer against my other thermometers for about 3 days -- to be safe. I'm not looking for an average temperature of my sick two-year-old, I want the real deal. Finally after a few days I felt comfortable enough with the operation of the Vick's thermometer that I didn't even need to compare. I'm a temperature-taking whiz now.

5. It's only $14.99.

Bottomline - I like it. It was my go-to thermometer during the week of hell and was accurate on ALL four of us. Nicely done, Vicks. It's our go-to thermometer at this point.


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    We just had to get a new thermometer and got an ear thermometer. It just takes one second and it is pretty good, though I have noticed it if I don't get it fully in his ear it is slightly inaccurate.

    But this, this sounds fantastic. And a good price. I have been trying to find something quick but affordable. Good to know!

    What is Klout?


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