If it's a Lochte nation, I'm never moving back.

5/03/2013 04:08:00 AM

This past weekend I had some down time and wanted some mindless background noise on. So, I stumbled across the MTV show, "What would Ryan Lochte Do."

You guys.

Oh, you guys.

How? Why? What?

Who on earth would ever think that this kid could ever fill a 30-minute time slot? Holy Boring. Holy Idiot. Holy Sad. I think it's FANTASTIC that he's an Olympian, but that's the thing. He excels at swimming in a pool SILENTLY.

He shouldn't have that much air time.

Literally five minutes in to the show I thought, "The Kardashians are even smarter than him."

So sad.


Conversely, I am in love with The Little Couple still.

I love Jen and Bill and I'm so excited for the impending adoption on TV.

(I know they already adopted, but I enjoy watching it all unfold on TV because I like to cry while watching "reality" TV.)

They're just so sweet. I'm so happy for them. You know, since I know them and everything.



  1. When the kardashians are smarter than someone you definitely have a problem.

  2. UMMMM, yes! I watched exactly 3 minutes of that crap the other day and said to DT - maybe it's good we are not rich and famous...because then we would have to be flaming morons who are disrespectful to every single person they meet.


  3. all I can say is: "It's a good thing he's pretty"..because stupid won't get you anywhere


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