Happy Birthday, Two Pretzels!

5/17/2013 09:02:00 AM

It's true. Today is a big day. May 17th marks the 7th anniversary of my blog.

[insert cheers here! But no clowns. Clowns are terrible.]

Yep, I've been writing this blog for SEVEN years of my life. This is actually my 4,702nd post.


(Wanna read my first-ever, earth-shattering post? It's here.)

[This is all well and great, but you GUYS. I got my hair cut yesterday and I'm not happy so I'm not able to feel the joy of celebration yet.  I'm slightly irate. It's my hair. You know me.]

That said, I love this space.
I love this blog.
I love that people actually read this blog.
I love this this has been almost a daily outlet for the past 2,555 days.)

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thank you for listing to my rants.
Thank you for sharing in the tears and the joys.
For your encouraging words.
For making me feel like I'm not crazy.

YOU, my dear reader and friend, are awesome.

I've had this blog longer than any job I've ever held.
I started this blog when I was an Ohioan.
I've had this blog longer than I've been a Mom.
I've had two children while writing this blog.
In Mexico.
I've had many haircuts while writing this blog.
I've learned many lessons while writing this blog. (Like for example, if your bangs are cut too short and choppy-like you look like a cross between a Beatle and an 8-year-old. AND, you can indeed have TOO many layers. I'm trying to work through this...)

Moving on.

Thank you.

Here's to 7 more years.


(Hair mess-ups kill me.)



  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love your blog. I read it every day. And I must say am sad when you are busy doing other things and not blogging.

  2. Happy Blogiversary!!!

    I still remember when you started this here blog. And how shortly after that I started. And then more and more people started because of YOU! And friendships have been created because of this circle that you started! I really have to say thank you for that :)

    I love your blog. I love that it allows me to keep in touch with you and your family. I love that I can actually HEAR you while I read these posts! I love what you write. I love you, my friend.

    And as for the hair.....UGH. That is how I felt with my bangs. I seriously flashed back to pictures of me when i was 6 or so and I HATED it. Luckily, bangs don't take too long to grow. Of course I know that means absolutely NOTHING while you wait for your hair grows out. I have had my bangs up in clips on top of my head for the past 6 weeks! annoying. Good luck with your hair.

  3. Love you!!!


  4. i'm sure the hair is fine.....??

    and YAY!! yay for T.P. and this blog turning 7! yay, yay, yay!


  5. You are awesome! An inspiration to us all!


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