Bravest kid EVER.

5/26/2013 07:24:00 PM

So, Lila's been having ear, nose and throat issues since forever.

Chronic ear infections, coughs, runny noses, more coughing and more ear infections resulted in what was the BEST.SUMMER.EVER for all of us [note the sarcasm] when Lila got her tonsils and adenoids removed along with tubes put in her ears.

Before we removed her tonsils and adenoids she visited an Ohio allergist and had The Allergy Test. It was terrible.

Two slightly aggressive and frigid nurses drew on her arms.
Then they proceeded to hold her down and stick her with all of the potential allergens over and over again. (24 times.) She SCREAMED like I have NEVER heard.

And the worst of all? I couldn't hold her or console her because she had to keep her arms stiff and straight out while the allergens did their jobs. Longest five minutes ever.

Horrible. One of my worst parenting experiences ever. I wasn't prepared for that and definitely didn't prepare Lila for that appropriately.

As it turned out, she was only lightly allergic to dust mites and dog and cat dander. The allergist recommended that we moved forward with her tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy. (Is that a word?)

The post-surgery period was tough on her little 3-year-old self. Awful. A solid 15 days of recuperation complete with hunger strikes and crying and coughing.

However, post-surgery life was amazing. Lila literally had a new voice. Her voice changed. She was far more chipper and wasn't miserable all the time. And? NO EAR INFECTIONS! And the tubes? Oh my gosh, we didn't have ONE problem with them for 5 months... (Our longest stretch EVER.)

That brings us today. She has one tube in and in December the other had to be removed because it was half way out anyway.

Although she's only had one ear infection since last July, we're constantly aware of Lila's ears at all times. There's so much coughing, watering eyes, some sneezing...

I felt like a terrible parent because we just cannot make this child feel better. It's always something with her. We feed her pro-biotics and a multivitamin. She eats so well and drinks more water than anything. She has a humidifier in her room and has regular nose irrigations with saline solution. She's been on EVERY allergy medication known to man -- but nothing seems to work.

I could have sworn that she had allergies that were not included on her Ohio test and I've been anxious to find a local allergist. Alas, there was only one who was 2.5 hours away in La Paz. Blech.

THEN... some amazing news! Cabo now has a pediatric allergist and immunologist! WAH-who! And guess what? HE EVEN SPEAKS SOME ENGLISH!

We met with him last Monday for an hour and decided to do another allergy panel test on Lila.

This time, I prepped her. And she was amazing.

This pediatric allergist did the test on her back. With 4 trays that contained 8 different allergens, Dr. P. proceeded to poke Lila in her back THIRTY-TWO TIMES with local and standard potential allergens.

I would venture to say that most adults wouldn't have handled this as well as Lila did. 

The process was 4,000 times better than what we had in the States.

And, as it turns out, our Lila is allergic to...nothing. She's ever-so-slightly still allergic to dust mites -- but to no other local allergens... as I had originally suspected.

This is a good thing.

We still don't know what exactly is adversely affecting her, but we know that she's not allergic to anything.

Next up, the doctor has prescribed Lila this.

He's also requested to see her vaccination history so we can take a look at the immunology angle.

I'm so pleased. I feel like we're finally, finally making progress.


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  1. Oh my goodness, she IS the bravest.

    I am glad to hear you are making progress, though what a struggle this has been. Poor, poor Lila. That sounds like so much to go through :( And for you and C.....that has to be so hard and frustrating.

    Henry is starting to have allergy issues we think, which we have talked about, and I feel SO bad and helpless. You can tell he obviously don't feel well, but there is nothing I can really do. The Dr. has him on Zyrtec in the morning and a low dose of Benedryl at night. It helps, but I don't want to keep giving him so much meds, you know?!

    And if it is not allergy related, do they have any ideas what it is? Would they put tubes in her again? Hopefully you can get answers soon for her.


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