Ah, the elusive "perfect" one-piece.

5/07/2013 04:08:00 AM
Even though I'm 33, I still rock wear a two-piece. The way I see it, my girls can't be embarrassed by my body yet, so I'll continue down this road for as long as I can or until one of them announces that my belly is too squishy to be seen in the daylight.

That said, I like to have a one-piece or two around because a two-piece is not kosher at the waterpark with two toddlers.


I think this is cute. Simple. ($109 on amazon.)

I love this one, I think. Maybe too much? Yeah, probably too much. ($144 on amazon.)

I love this one. But it's $160. That just seems like so much for a swimsuit. I mean, really? (On amazon.)

Because everyone wants a hot pink crotch. ($133 on Urban Outfitters).

I'm totally going to wear this one to the water park. ($228 on Urban Outfitters).

Love the ruffle. $118. Jcrew.

Ah, the online shopping continues...



  1. The designers at Urban Outfitters have to be smoking weed. Those suits are so weird!!

    I have to confess that I've spent $140+ on 3 one piece swimsuits in the last 2 years. I was going to Mexico and wanted to feel good. I think they are worth it. My stomach is fairly "flat" but it has horrible dimpling. (gross!) I can't do a bikini. :-( So I splurge on gorgeous 1 pieces!

  2. Since I need to cover the top of my legs I need a 2 piece in the style that they wore in old Hollywood. Like where the bottom comes up real high and covers just the very top of your legs. The area from belly button to top of leg ain't too hot.

  3. These aren't one-pieces, but I bought 2 tankinis and bottoms from this site and just received them today. They are the most perfect suits.


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